Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I could live in Alaska, or Minnesota..

I had a tootache most of the day yesterday. I was determined to make it to 3 for 8 hours. Afterwards I had to drive over and put the girls away. Then I had to stop at Albertson's for my prescriptions and picked up some of those Orajel tootache swabs. Those things are killer. Really helped numb the area so I could at least stop being in agony. I slept in the spare room. I got up about 4 times in pain. This morning I went to my dentist. He opens at 8 and I was there at 7:45. He was cool. Took xrays and did some probing. He doesn't think it's anything more than my receding gums along the crown and two other teeth that are causing the problem. I have exposed roots right now and he thinks that in time the gums will move back to protect the area. He put a sealant along the gums for me at no cost and sent me on my way. I already feel better. He said to avoid brushing too hard - most people do. And to stop eating nuts, granola, etc. :-(

So I came into work around 9:30. Stopped for a SBux and now I'm at my desk.

When I get bored I often will go from blog to blog to blog. Clicking on that magical little button at the top of our blogs that simply says "NEXT BLOG". It's amazing what you can come across. I've noticed something - there are a lot of hispanic blogs. Anyway, while blurfing I came across a blog for a woman in Minnesota that knits. Her photos were so cool - her family living in a very remote log cabin type home, water freezing in pipes, food prepared over a wood stove, and knitting. It got me thinking looking at the pics about how I could totally live in an area like that. An area where most of the time you wear long sleeves. Where maybe if the temps hit the mid 70's is a heat wave. Where snow is just part of the scenery and not an occasional visitor. Not sure why I feel this way exactly, but I've always been this way. As a kid I loathed the long summer days. I loved the first sign of Autumn and the bite of a chill in the air.

The military brought me to CA and I stayed because of the kids. My heart has always been somewhere else. I know now that somewhere should be cold.

SONG OF THE DAY: "Just Another Day" by Oingo Boingo.

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the mama said...

you are the only person i know who likes the snow.... of course most of the people i know are so cal natives!!!

sorry about the tooth -- let us hope the pain is now gone, and that you are able to sleep better tonight.

i can sort of listen to boingo now --- i had it forced on my by the teen's dad and had vowed to never listen to them ever again. it has been a decade since i took that vow. yeah - i hold grudges!!