Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Yeah, I shook things up a bit with the new look. Wanted to try something different. We'll roll with this for a while.

Last night I spent time downloading more songs from our CD collection and the putting them on my IPod. What a job that is! But once done, it will be amazing to have everything in one location. I am about 80% thru our CD's and still have room for about 1200 songs. Wow!

From what I am reading things are getting shaken up at the ol Merc! Heads gonna roll? Cages gettin rattled? LOL We have a bit of that going on here as well. Seems the new IT Dir isn't measuring up. Poor communication skills both verbally and written, not understanding business processes, opening her mouth to insert a foot - you know the drill! Congrats to Audioslave for getting a call to come back to the Merc - not that he will probably bless them with his presence, but man, it's got to feel good to know you are missed!
As it turns out the property in OH is a no go. No, no, it's OK. We are both OK with it. Seems the property is actually a doublewide which means a lot, but most importantly the upkeep on one is just not worth it. We are looking for something more permanent with actual walls. The newer modulars have drywall, etc... We think the price is too high for a doublewide, in spite ot if being on 25 acres. So we are passing on it.

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SONG OF THE DAY: "Running to Stand Still" by U2. One of the best albums ever recorded is The Joshua Tree. And one of the best songs off that album is this one. This song has some great lyrics. Most people do not know it is a song about heroin addiction. I don't want to bring anyone down. I am actually in a GREAT mood. When this song came on my IPod I was so happy. I wanted to share it with everyone in the office, but cubicles and headphones have a way of creating barriers!

And so she woke up
Woke up from where she was lying still
Said I gotta do something about where we're going
Step on a steam train
Step out of the driving rain
Maybe run from the darkness in the night
Singing ha, ah la la la de day
Ah la la la de day
Ah la la de day

Sweet the sin
Bitter, the taste in my mouth
I see seven towers
But I only see one way out
You got to cry without weeping
Talk without speaking
Scream without raising your voice
You know I took the poison from the poison stream
Then I floated out of here
Singing ha la la la de day
Ha la la la de day
Ha la la de day


She runs through the streets with her eyes painted red
Under a black belly of cloud in the rain
In through a doorway
She brings me white gold and pearls
Stolen from the sea she is raging, she is raging
And the storm blows up in her eyes
She will suffer the needle chill
She's running to stand still

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