Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gone and Done It

I went home last night and asked the DH what he thought about my joining the PenFriends club. I was surprised by his answer - he told me to go for it. He said he was surprised I had waited this long as he knew how much I enjoyed corresponding with all the people. So, I downloaded the application form, wrote out a check for $20 and dropped it in the mail this morning. I should get my list of names in about 2 weeks. I'm so excited! They ask you for your preference (male/female) and I chose women. You also get to select the region(s) and I chose United Kingdom, Eastern and Western Europe. I should get about 12 names of other women who want to write to someone in the US. Then they will also pass my name along to other women who join that want someone from the US, so I have the possibility of getting 24 names right off the bat. Will see how it transpires and I'll keep you posted! BTW, if any of you know where I can download and use for free a virtual world map with push-pin capability, please let me know!

Ok, I'm glad you all agree that the video/song SUCKED. I still can't believe he won. I don't even think he is attractive. In many of those video shots he looks very feminine to me! I am wondering about two possible angles that John Rich was thinking when he chose this guy. Birdman hit on one - the Latino angle. I agree that they push their culture on to us which is a huge turnoff. You have to understand, when I was in school I was an avid student of Spanish. I was actually in an advanced class by the time I reached my Jr year. There were 8 of us that had been together since 1st grade. I lived in Mexico for awhile and I felt like I got a good grasp of that culture. It is VERY different than what I see going on today. They are a proud people (not to sound so cliche) but there was never this forcing of their way of life down your throat as it seems to be today. There was a bit of a mystique about the language for Americans back then. I think John Rich is using this guy's ethnicity to try and reach out to the Hispanic fans.

The second angle is that he seems to have a fan following of young girls. Not that there aren't enough young guys in country music today for the girls to fall all over! I can think of ten right off the bat. Just knowing he was the 'winner' makes me want to watch the series in its entirety to figure out how this happened, but I'm not sure I could stand the drama of the reality show!!!

Mama, thanks for noticing the nostalgic cowgirl pics I posted! I think they are neat. I have always said I was born way too late. At one time I thought I would have been a pony express rider if I had been alive then. They rode hard and fast and it was not an easy job, but with my love of snail mail and horses, I think I could have made it happen in spite of being a girl! They were pretty hard on their horses though, so I probably would have been shot!

Song of the Day: "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" by Lady Antebellum. This is a new trio that just hit the country music scene. They sound pretty good. Two guys and girl. Not sure where the name came from though.. Might have to look that up!

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