Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Finally Friday

It took everything I had this morning to get my butt out of bed. I was up at 5:15 because our old cat Airborne would not leave me alone. He has a very wet nose and he likes to rub his nose and whiskers against your forehead, arm, back - whatever is exposed from under the covers until he gets your attention. Once you are awake if you don't immediately hop out of bed to feed his royal highness, he will simply stare at your face and "meow" until you do. So I crawl out of bed, find my robe and slippers and head the stairs, almost falling in the process. The other two cats are joyful at this time to see me up and about. I pour some dry food into their bowl for Dumpster. Open the frig to get Airborne's baby food. He likes it warm, so I nuke it for 14 seconds. Yoda waits patiently on the counter for his little bit of milk. It's all a routine. They know it and they expect it every day. After they are happy I head back upstairs. What I should have done was immediately turned on the shower. Instead I put my robe and slippers away, glanced back at the bed, and damn if I didn't crawl back in - til 6:45.

The next thing I heard was the garage door opening. Seems our son can't get up early to job hunting, but manages to get up early to go paintballing with friends. Sigh. I finally get out of bed, glance down the stairs to see our son standing there. "Headed out?" "Yeah", he says. "Uh, I was wondering if I could borrow like $10?" Now this is where my feathers get ruffled. He had $135 dollars last week. Where in the hell does it all go? "Sorry", I said. "Can't help you." I turn and head to the shower. This time turning it on. He went anyway, so he must have had money to get into the paintball course ($25) probably not anything to eat with. Oh well. Not my problem.

On my in to work I went by and turned the horses out for the day. They were happy about that. On my way into work I witnessed some noteworthy road rage. I was stopped waiting for traffic to pass so I could make a right on red. Several cars go by and then the last one to pass was a red pickup truck. I glance left and with nothing in sight, I pull out. Out of nowhere comes this silver Honda. He flies by me on the left. Whew! That was close. Well, I travel on my way, proceeding a little slower and as I gain speed and start to look ahead a ways I see the silver car with its brake lights. The red pick up is stopped dead in the lane. Nothing in front of him, he is just stopped. My first thought was something was in the road. Oh please don't let it be an animal! Well, then the truck starts driving and the silver car does the same. Then the silver car tries to pass the truck on the left, but the red truck swerves over left of center and keeps the car from passing. They do this for about two miles on a two lane road. It's a dangerous road. The lines are mostly solid, so it was illegal for this guy to be passing as is. I kept my distance. I was really afraid they were going to throw down.

Finally make it into work hoping like hell some good samaritan decided to bring in donuts. Damn - nada. I have to make due with my Quaker Oat blueberry muffin bar.

Then Birdman has to rub it in how WONDERFUL his vacation has been. Gee, can't a girl catch a break?????

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SONG OF THE DAY: "Sunday Bloody Sunday". Enough said.


the mama said...

we got no donuts here, either.

can you come by and turn me out for the day??? I would rather be in the pasture than here!! LOL

birdman said...

hey.. it's been a long time since I took a week off - dont be hatin my vacation. :-)

Somedays, the rat race realy really sucks.. I would love to just get away from it all - owning a lavendar farm would be cool....

sorry for the tough week.

I still do not understand why kids dont want to get a job... I really don't - that is your step towards freedom and independence