Thursday, October 2, 2008

Horsin around

Today was a horse day. I took some pics of the girls and of me.. Though I'd share them with you guys. Here are the girls in the pasture area. They were really full of it today. I tried to take a pic of them while they were running and bucking but it was just a blur with my camera phone. They had stopped running around and were just circling here. They were feeling really good! You'd never know that Cheyenne was 28!

This is me with the old mare, Cheyenne. Sorry you can't see her face better... She was afraid of the phone.

The girls got their feet done yesterday. This is just a pic I took of my boots and some hoof clippings. How bout one for being creative?

Here is a pic of Dolly with hay sticking out of her mouth....

Here is one of me with hay in my mouth...

I'm helping Dolly find the alfalfa buds. Tell me she isn't spoiled rotten.

This is my favorite pic... Dolly's soft eye... Look at those lashes!

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Figured You Out" by Nickelback. This song freakin' kicks ass. Love it. Gotta have it. Can't get enough of it.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sons of Anarchy

I know you guys are waiting for the details of our trip to SC to see the Soldier graduate and I haven't forgotten about telling you. I've got most of the pics downloaded from my phone, but we are still waiting for the pics we turned in to have developed. No, we don't have a dig camera of our own yet! So as soon as those get done, I will tell you about the trip to Ft. Jackson.

But for now I want to talk about my new favorite show - "SONS OF ANARCHY". First off, I want to just set the record straight that my desire to get a bike started WAY before this show was even on the air or being advertised. Honest. It started for me about a year ago. I would see the bikes on the road, the different styles of bikes and riders and for some reason I just started to put them into categories and suddenly I was planning in my head the type of biker I wanted to be. SOA has started a real drive of people now wanting to ride Harleys and be part of an MC - club. Because I haven't yet taken my rider's course or gotten my bike, I really don't want to be confused with these people that just got on board because of the TV show. Not that there's anything wrong with that or they any less a bike fan than me, not at all. Just because I want to be clear I was influenced by more than the TV in my decision to ride.

The show is pretty good. If you haven't seen I recommend checking it out. The characters are starting to evolve. Tonight is the 4th show of the season. It opens up a whole new world of bikers and clubs. The web site and blog dedicated to the series is pretty informative and has lots of stuff on it about this whole other world. Jax is the main character (at least I think he is). He is quick tempered, likes to fight and did I mention HOT? LOL Here is a pic of him:

His Dad was one of the original founders of the SOA and was killed in an accident with a semi-truck. Apparently his Dad didn't believe in going down the illegal path with the club. He wrote a bunch of stuff about life and his vision for the club. Jax's Mom gave him a box of stuff she found of his Dad's and inside were all these journals and stuff. So although Jax is VP he is still starting to question the President of SOA, played by the guy that played the BEAST in Beauty and the Beast.

Now I really don't like Clay. He is just one of those characters that you love to hate. He is bad and has the club headed for trouble. They run guns mostly, but definitely are into other stuff for the almighty dollar. They kill people and have the local sheriff in their back pocket. Oddly, he is married to Jax's Mom - Gemma. I know you will recognize her when you see her. She played Peg on MARRIED WITH CHILDREN. She's come a long way. LOL Anyway, she is Clay's "old lady" and definitely Queen of the SOA. She refers to the club members and their families as her family and she is constantly manipulating someone or something. I don't much care for her either, but that's just part of the show. Here is a pic of her:

Anyway, I think the show is cool to watch and I'm definitely a fan. Sorry, I know these pics are really small. I'll try to find better ones for you to check out.

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Highway to Hell" by ACDC.