Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Life and the pursuit of happiness

Focusing on work right now seems impossible. Of course, my queue is filled with tickets of people that need my help accessing their training plans. Nothing is ever easy.

The DH and I are waiting for a response from a realtor in Ohio. A lot depends on what he has to say. A big part of me feels like a small salmon trying to swim upstream. Everything seems to be against me. Patience has never been one of my strong suits. I'm also on the side of taking chances when it comes to something I believe in. "We'll see what happens" seems to be the mantra.

I see that the McCartney-Mills divorce is finally a done deal. She really made herself look bad, didn't she? If memory serves me didn't Paul offer her $50mil right up front and she refused, asking for $250mil? How much money is too much?

Has anyone been following the Obama - Wright thing? Have you guys heard what the Rev. Wright preaches in his church? I have to admit I was speechless yesterday listening to part of a sermon he was giving courtesy of the O'Reilly Factor.

Metvah must have awoke from his coma. He's starting to spit out the newsletters.

Inbox: 5 / Read: 2

SONG OF THE DAY: "Set You Free" by the Black Keys off of the School of Rock CD.


imaaudioslave said...

I heard the Obama priest thing and I think it will really hurt him.

birdman said...

I have faith on your ohio place!!!

Greed will get ya every time and he wil pay for it somehow - although in the lap of luxury ...

Yeah - that priest guy is an ass.... what gets me is the dems hate the religious right yet church is very important to them.. I do not get it - Obama does beleive some of what that guy is spouting.... funny thing is my friedns the hippie democrat teachers will not vote for him if he get the nom... they know he will kill is in taxes etc...