Monday, March 10, 2008

How do you like me now?

I hope you guys remember Maxine, the horse. She is the mare I sent to CO to the professional clinician after she lost her own horse to an accident. Kathleen worked with Max for a little while and then because she is on the road so much passed her on to a good friend of hers name Shannon. Shannon had also recently lost her mare and gladly took Maxine in. I recently got a photo of Max (now called Sandy) and wanted to share. Doesn't she look amazing?? I cannot believe how beautiful her coat color is. My heart aches that I wasn't able to keep her, but it is also smiling because obviously she is quite happy and Shannon has done well by her.

Yesterday's BBQ / Matchmaker gig went pretty well. M is an awesome guy. I have often said both to myself and publicly that if I wasn't with my DH I would be with M. Now that's not to say M would even want to be with me, but you catch my drift. He arrived first and at first he seemed a little stressed about his life in general. After a few beers though he finally seemed to relax and was the old M we all know and love. He had no idea we were putting the two of them together to see how it went. We kept that a secret and figured we would just see what happened. K showed up with two bottles of wine and we all settled in for some chit chat. K's complaints about men in the past deal strictly with how she can't seem to find a smart one. She has her Masters and teaches autistic kids. We think she met her match in M. He is not only book smart, but he is also current events smart, politically savvy and funny as well. A perfect match for her. He is not emotionally available right now I don't think. He is hesitating in ending his marriage because he is a nice guy. They are no longer living as man/wife and she knows a divorce is immenent. It's just a matter of time. K invited him to her 4th of July bash and he did accept. It was just a friendly evening with some good food, good conversation and a few beers and music.

The daughter loved her new dig camera. Our youngest got a treat because K let him drive her 5 series BMW for a bit. We took pics of him and he put them on his MySpace. She said he could say it was his new car. LOL He was in heaven.

Well, it's Monday and that means the start of another work week. We can do this! Time change or no time change - we can make it thru! On that note...

SONG OF THE DAY: "Workin For a Livin" by Garth Brooks w/ Huey Lewis!


the mama said...

i just realized that bear is the footstool from pottery barn, isn't it????

sounds like you had a fun weekend...

Wrider II said...

I don't know where this bear is from... I just found the pic online and love it!!!

birdman said...

First and foremost.. OH NO THEY DID NOT!!! and you know that is your song choice..... shoot them both!!!!

Horse looks beautiful..... you have to be happy for her to be on the open range.

matchmaking is scary... if they love then dont... which friend stays and goes if they cnat be around each other..... damn I am skeptical.

Sounds like you had a good weeknd... nice to hear

Wrider II said...

Birdman, you are right about the matchmaking part. I would rather have things happen naturally, but in the end of things do go south you have that awkward situation.

Yes, we are very happy Maxine is doing so well.

The remake of the song is really good. Although I am sick up to my eyeballs with Garth Brooks, I really like the song. Every time it comes on the radio I find myself cranking it up. The video is ok, too. They are on a Nascar track and it looks like cars are streaming by them. They refer to Nascar in their version, so it's kind of cool.