Friday, May 23, 2008

Shiftwork - tough work...

The oldest son drove over from Phoenix yesterday. While the youngest was having a session with the tutor he and I went to Chili's for dinner. He likes Guinness, so we each had a cold one with dinner. Great conversation and it was awesome to just hang out with him. He has gotten over his divorce and ex. He seems really good right now. He met someone last week he really likes and I wish him the best with her. The only bad part about the whole night was the service. Our waitress sucked. That can ruin an otherwise great night out but I just let it go when I left her a lousy tip.

My thoughts are at the beach today. Sitting in an outside bar, sipping something cold and exotic that tingles my tastebuds, while listening to the waves. Sort of like a Kenny Chesney song.. Toes in the sand and not a care in the world. Well, at least it appears that I have not a care in the world. LOL That is not quite an accurate statement. I'm just trying to make sense of it all. I know I'll probably do what I think I should do. It's not completely thought through yet but unless something drastic changes I really have no choice. Life is funny and I know things happen for a reason. I'm just anxious to know the reason behind this one.

Freaky weather, huh? Yesterday I'm sitting in my cube with my headphones in and someone stops by my cube. I take out the right ear to hear them ask me, "Have you seen the hail?" I jumped out of my chair and joined everyone at the large windows. Sure enough, we had hail coming down about the size of a pea. It looked like it was snowing or sleeting. It was bizarre. That lasted on and off for about an hour. The water was rushing and my thoughts went to the horses. I packed up my gear and headed home. As you can imagine, there was flooding everywhere. Traffic was slow as people tried to manuever their way around the overwhelmed street drains. I finally got home and while changing into barn clothes I turned on the Weather Channel to see warnings for our area for flash floods. As it turns out the horses were in great shape, with no water or mud in their pens whatsoever. I cleaned up a bit in case more rain was to come and then headed back home.

It was 3:00 when I got home, so I could log off from work and decided to take a nap. That felt amazing. The two sons went to the mall and when I woke up around 6:00 I headed back to the ranch to feed. This time the weather news was very different - a tornado watch for Lake Elsinore. A chopper had spotted a funnel cloud just over the 15. Lovely. Just where I was headed. But being a midwest girl I wasn't about to let that get in the way. I never did see the funnel cloud and it started to pour halfway to the ranch. Again the girls were fine and eager for dinner.

I heard this weather is going to continue today and maybe even a little on Saturday...

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Shiftwork" by Kenny Chesney (with George Strait). Super song. Play on words and just begs for you to kick off your shoes and grab a cold one.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is your life

Sometimes I have a difficult time living for the here and now. I think we all get stuck in that place where you keep saving for a rainy day or not using the good China every day. I love the thought of that – using the good China for hotdogs or pizza. I’m going to make an effort to really start enjoying what each day brings me and not worry so much about what can’t happen because of the situation – be it limited resources of money and time or just not being able to take that next step.

I learned something about myself – no wait. I take that back. I finally ADMITTED something about myself last night that I knew – I was just keeping it buried. I’m not afraid of it now. No, I’m not going to tell you what “it” is) In fact, I am going to just go with it. Is it scary? Damn straight it is. Thrilling? Hell yeah! I’m almost 45 years old. If not now, then when? It won’t do me much good if I come to realize it too late in life.

Let’s each do a bucket list! Me first! And we can add to it or take away from it anytime we want.

Wrider’s Bucket List

1. Own a Harley. Bikers rock.
2. Consume only alcohol for 48 hours.
3. Get a tattoo.
4. Rope a calf.
5. Write a book.
6. TBD

IPOD SONG OF THE BLOG: “Your Life is Now” by John Mellencamp. How friggin appropriate.

PHOTO OF THE BLOG: Hot, hot, HOT. Sizzling HOT.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Your definition of "bad"

I don't know why, but this evening I have been thinking about different people's perception of things and what some people consider bad. I have always considered myself a pretty conservative person, but there are times I mentally cross the line I have drawn in the sand for myself. So what is your definition of "bad"? Here are some random questions for you to consider and answer if you choose to...

1. Cheating on your taxes.

2. Getting away with not paying for a 12-pak of Pepsi because the clerk didn't see it on the bottom of your cart.

3. Taking nude pics of yourself on your cell phone.

4. Telling someone you love them just so they will have sex with you.

5. Telling a white lie to your child so they will leave you alone for one hour.

6. Not answering the door when a kid is trying to sell you candy.

7. Turning your back and acting like you didn't see an elderly person fall down because you are already running late.

8. Looking at porn.

9. Smoking pot.

10. Asking your friends stupid questions.

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Free Fallin" by Tom Petty

No hitter, tutor and Sin City

Last night the Boston Red Sox' Jon Lester pitched a no-hitter with 9 strike outs. The Red Sox beat Kansas City 7-0. Jon Lester came back to the majors after a fight with cancer. The 24-year-old lefty, who survived cancer to pitch the World Series clincher for the Boston Red Sox last fall, shut down Kansas City Monday night for the first no-hitter in the majors this season. Lester allowed just two baserunners and struck out nine in his first major league complete game. Man, I love this game!

I wrote a check last night to the tutor for $400. I almost choked on it, but this is really a last ditch effort to help our son find his way. He meets with him Tue-Thur and again next week for a total of ten hours before he takes the ASVAB on June 2nd.

I am getting excited about taking my Mom to Vegas. I told her on the phone a couple of days ago that I had already picked out the matching tattoos we're getting so that was one less thing we had to think about. I'm not sure, but I think she thought I was serious - And maybe I am.....

The DH is gone on a job until Friday evening, so I'll be solo for a few days. Working on a baby blanket - woohoo. The adventure never stops around our house! I'm as wild as they get!

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5.

Photo of the Blog:

Monday, May 19, 2008

Rachel Ray ain't got nothing on me!

Our kitchen is now DONE. And it looks AMAZING. I apologize - I do not have a photo yet to post. I promise I will have that up this week. Every time I walk into the kitchen I have to pause and just take it all in. It looks so different and so terrific I just have to smile. The DH and I did a great job. I don't know what I would do without him. He knows so much about valves, faucets - you name it. He knows it. Each time I am standing at my sink I feel like I should have my own cooking show - it's that amazing. LOL Of course, I am far from creating anything as wonderful as Rachel Ray, but dang it - I can hold my own!

I know I must sound like a broken record, but did the weekend fly by or what?? Saturday we worked on painting the kitchen, so understandly the day went quickly. But Sunday is a blur. Of course it could be because I spent half of it not feeling well. Not sure what happened, but I think it was a run-in with the HEAT. I was at the ranch with the girls Saturday afternoon. I had to clean their pens, feed, empty a water and while I was there I saw how the feeders needed cleaning as well. So that involves getting out the Clorox and a scrub brush and commencing to get the crud off the bottom of their feeders. I felt fine while doing it and I was drinking water the whole time. When I got into the truck to head home, my face was bright red. I couldn't seem to cool down. It was a tad scary. When I got home I felt drained and sick. Then Sunday I was out in the heat again - only this time shopping at the Lake Elsinor Outlet stores and I barely made it home before I was again feeling sick. I spent a good portion of yesterday on my bed, relaxing and watching TV. It was just too hot too soon for me.

Not sure how many of you will recall the DH and I's good buddy, M. Long story short, he went thru HELL with his ex who is a shopaholic and ended up in debt above his head. We thought for certain he was on the right path to a divorce, but we learned this weekend he has decided not to divorce. This is tough for a lot of reasons, but mostly because we are not certain how he expects us to accept her after everything that has gone on, not to mention the things we have said about her and in turn listened to the things he has said about her. In a way its sad because its like we all know we are losing him as a friend - just no one wants to say it outloud. We just hope he is making the right decision and that in two years he won't be in the same boat or just as miserable. The DH is having dinner with him on Thursday night.

Birdman expressed himself in ref to my song choice, so today I have one you will probably be surprised about...

SONG OF THE BLOG comes from a Clear Channel HD radio station out of Charleston, SC 100.5: "Outside" by Aaron Lewis & Fred Durst. I've heard it a couple of times now and I really like it..

Photo of the Blog: Being a big fan of Miranda Lambert's and seeing her win Album of the Year last night on the ACM's was really cool. She is an animal lover and I found this photo on her web site. Go Miranda!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jefferson Snowmobile podcasts

Just finished listening to the last podcast this morning. I think they are pretty entertaining myself. Paul was a nice guest on the show. I think it was cool because I could picture in my head both Hero and Paul talking, and that brought it home for me. It was completely random and I actually laughed out loud during some points. I did take offense to both John and Ryan making the statement they do not like Redheads. WTF? Obviously they haven't been with the RIGHT Redhead. ;-)

The kitchen tile is about 75% down at this time. We decided yesterday to make the back splash about an inch higher than it was prior. So today the guys will finish installing the tile, apoxying the trim pieces in place and putting the sink in. Tomorrow they are back to grout and then it's done! I must say it looks awesome. I absolutely love it. I will definitely take pics with a dig camera when it's all done to share with you. I'm excited about cleaning the kitchen all up and then putting out the accessories and appliances.

I forgot to mention this the first time it happened, but you might recall what the DH and I did for my bro - sent him off the package of doggie stuff - well, he has since called me twice just to say hello. What a treat! That has never happened in the entire existence of our relationship. The DH thinks I bridge a gap that was between us and it doesn't hurt that he has a special phone system that he pays one price and he can call anywhere in the US. He is looking forward to us moving back there.

IPOD SONG OF THE BLOG: "What I Want" by Daughtry


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

350 - no that's got nothing to do with gas prices

Greg Maddux won his 350the career game on Saturday against the Colorado Rockies. Ninth on the all-time list doesn't sound like much until you put in perspective that the next pitcher to probably accomplish that hasn't even been born yet. Many are suggesting in this age of pitch counts and six man starting rotations that it might not ever happen again.

Our kitchen was started yesterday. They put down the mud on the countertops. Today they will lay the tile and tomorrow they will grout it. I took pics with my phone, but not with another camera. I'm excited about the kitchen. I can't wait to see it all finished. Right now we have no kitchen to speak of. The stove is in the center of the room. There are tarps and brown paper laid all over the floor and thru the family room out the slider to the backyard. It's a mess right now, but when it's all done I think it will be beautiful. I chose a dark color on purpose. I was/am so sick of the white counters that I wanted to go dark. I got as close as I could without selecting black, which I would have had I found one I really liked.

The FDA came through last week to audit my company. With luck that went well and they will open the budget flood gates and offer me a full time position. Although I will make more as a contractor, there is always the possibility of my contract being terminated early or after this contract ends, not being brought back on.

Our youngest has decided he would now like to take the ASVAB again. He called the tutor and scheduled to meet with him this Friday. We agreed to pay for half ($200), but he has to pay the other half. We also made the deal that if he doesn't get at least a 40 he has to pay us back the $200. He agreed to that. He still wants the Coast Guard, but I read online yesterday the Army is offering enlistment bonuses between $20-$40,000. Just to sign up for four years. That's pretty damn impressive.

It's just been one of those weeks for me. I don't know what's wrong with me.

IPOD SONG OF THE BLOG: "Breakdown" by Daughtry

Photo of the blog:

Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday and Demo

I swear, this has been the longest week.

Sorry Birdman, that my blog was too long yesterday in spite of a supposed block.

We chose the granite for our kitchen yesterday. The DH is buying it today and we will start demolishing our kitchen counters today. Well, the DH is starting today. We will finish up this weekend. We will leave the sink in place until the guys can actually start - which we hope is Wednesday of next week. It takes 3 days and I can't wait to see the end result. Buying the sink and faucet this weekend and decided to put in a new disposal while we are at it. I chose Baltic Brown granite, stainless steel sink and probably a brushed nickel faucet. I'll take before / during / after pics.

Clear Channel Song of the Blog: "Don't Make Me" by Blake Shelton. I realize you will have no idea who he is or what this song is, but trust me it's damn good. Blake Shelton is so under rated in my opinion. He has quite a versatile style and can go from a ballad to a honky tonkin song.

Photo of the Blog: This isn't my kitchen, but this is the granite I chose (although mine looks darker brown).

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Everything I try to blog gets stuck between my brain and the keyboard...

Ever have one of those days when you have a lot to say, but nothing seems to come out right? That's where I am today. I feel writer's block - or is that blog block? That just sounds ugly - like some nasty condition you'd see a doctor or plumber for. Anyway, I woke up this morning feeling oddly older. I think everyone gets to points in their life when they feel like they reach milestones or a turning point and they realize they have turned a corner on their journey. Some people wake up and notice wrinkles that they swear weren't there the night before. Some people will suddenly have the answer to a problem that has been bugging them for years. Others will notice how they no longer get upset over something that used to make them angry. For me, it was noticing how comfortable I am in my life and with myself. No, not perfect. I'm far from feeling perfect, but what I realize is that I am in charge of ME and my destiny. I have choices in life and it's up to me and no one else to make those choices. I woke up this morning feeling like I had turned a page and started a new chapter. The page is blank and I can write whatever I want. It's a big challenge for me. I still feel like there is so much I haven't done. Horses I haven't ridden, blankets I haven't yet made, books I have yet to read, places I haven't yet seen... Instead of the rest of the book looking shorter (like it did yesterday) it now looks like the best chapters could be ahead of me. I just need to get busy and start living them. Like Hero said in his recent blog - Stop fucking around and do it already. I always liked that line from the Shawshank Redemption - Get busy living or get busy dying.

I went to breakfast with my DH and our Jarhead friend at Annie's this morning. We sat at the counter, which I love to do. You get a front row seat to watch the Mexican cooks and hang with the waitresses. They all know us and we exchang pleasantries about kids and work. Joke around with other regulars at the cafe; like Robert, the former Navy guy. He likes our kidding around with him because he was Navy and the three of us are retired Marines. It was the DH's turn to buy breakfast for Kevin, and he picked up Robert's tab, too. Robert had no idea even as we got up to leave. It will be a nice surprise for him when he asks Staci for his check.

I decided to work from home today. One of the best bennies of this job. I am enjoying a cool breeze sitting at my kitchen table. The arcadia slider is open and the cats are sitting at the door, their noses sniffing the air. I brought the IPod player down and just hit "shuffle". I figured I'd just let it play as it will for the day.

The DH and Jarhead took off for Lowes - doing that male bonding thing over plumbing parts. It seems 2 out of the 3 showers in our house broke yesterday. LOL How funny is that? Thank goodness I married a Handyman!

I sealed the deal this morning with my Mom. She and I are going to Vegas while she is here in June. She has never been. At first she seemed hesitant about going. After talking to her again she told me she knew it was expensive and she didn't know if she wanted to spend the money to go. It felt great to be able to her not to worry about the money. After everything she has done for me and my family through the years, saying that to her was a good feeling. It will be a site seeing trip mostly. I know she will enjoy walking the strip and seeing all the casinos. We can take our time and eat and drink as we feel the urge hit us. If we go on a weekday the room will probably be comp'd. It will be a nice Mother/Daughter trip. I'm looking forward to it.

IPOD SONG OF THE BLOG: "1979" by the Smashing Pumpkins. I have no idea what this song means. I just like the way it flows.

PHOTO OF THE BLOG: I love Adirondack Chairs and this photo looks inviting to me...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Eight Belles

I've had so many people ask me how I feel about Eight Belles having to be euthanized after her spectacular race at the Derby. For starters, I did not see the Derby. As a rule I am not a fan of horse racing. I have heard so many horror stories about behind the scenes 'training' and cruelty that I simply cannot stomach the thought of it. So I just keep my distance.

As for Eight Belles, in my opinion they did the right thing. Two broken ankles is just not something a horse will recover from. These gorgeous animals are so young and high strung that the time and recovery it would take to make it so she could have even put weight back on her ankles would have been much too long for her to endure. And then what? She could not ever race again. She might have been a pet to someone until laminitis claimed her ankles and she would be put down, like Barbaro. I'm not saying she couldn't have survived such an injury; I'm just saying the logistics of her recovery, not to mention getting her off the track without further injuring herself would have been an amazing feat.

These types of horses are bred to run and win. Without that, she is worthless to the owners. As a filly she could have been bred for her offspring - hoping they would turn out to have the winning gene, but with this injury she could not have carried a foal. I think the jockey did nothing wrong. She always ran to the inside. The stumble she took is not uncommon, breaking both ankles at the same time is.

I think the breeding industry is over the top. They breed these horses for one thing and one thing only -to race and win. Non-producers are often neglected and slaughtered. When I was a kid growing up and doing some psuedo-training, I had a hookup at a track in Cincinnati. The horses that were not fast enough to win would go to auction. I would get a couple from my friend for free and try my best to turn them into a decent riding horse and a jumper. They were often so hot headed and nervous, it was asking the impossible. I turned out some good horses, but I saw first hand the damage done. The problem is they start these horses before they are fully grown. Often their legs are shot and any sort of riding is bad for them. They often end up with arthritis at a very early age, or suffer from laminitis and navicular disease.

I do not know what can be done to eliminate this type of abuse to these horses. The sport is so rich and those involved have their claws deep into the system. Change is not likely to happen easily. I know PETA is involved, wanting to change horse racing down to its core. I hope they have some luck. I would like to see the sport more legitimate and care given to the horses be everyone's first priority.
She ran the race of her life. She was a beautiful dark grey filly.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Compared to Hero... blog is totally gonna suck. Thanks for setting that friggin bar so high, Hero! Birdman comes in a very close second with his family trips to extremely cool places and secret control rooms with monitors and moon rovers. Geez, can't a girl get a break on this blogging thing? Ever??

It's Tuesday. I totally woke up this morning thinking - no wait - KNOWING it was Wednesday. For some reason last night seemed to go on forever. I think I had about 5 dreams and I remember them all. Weird. They weren't x-rated Birdman, so don't even ask if I was having a hot, steamy love scene with Angelina Jolie. They were just very vivid, very clear - detailed in every way. At one pointI dreamt about riding my horse and doing everything perfect that she and I have been working on. Considering this is horse day that gives me a lot of confidence that today she will sidepass without flaw, that I will be able to que her well for our bend and sends and that when I throw my rope over her head today she will 1) stay planted on the ground and NOT do a High Ho Silver imitation and 2) stop and back up even a step.

The youngest son is coming along. He doesn't want to take the test for the military again just yet. He is working almost every day, even though one of his jobs is security at a Huka Bar. It's about 5 miles from our house and pretty popular. They have live bands and of course, Huka. He doesn't get paid in cash, but gets meals and of course, Huka. But he's doing better - thank you GOD.

I still haven't heard a peep from the International Pen Friend organization regarding my list. My letter should be in their office now, but who knows when or what they will do when and if they read it. Part of me is just so disappointed I feel let down. The other part of me is angry as hell and I want my $20 back! The problem is there is no way to talk to these people on the phone or through email. The only way to communicate with them is thru the UPS. Grrrrr.

I finished the Jarhead blanket for our friend. We met him for breakfast at Annie's Sunday morning and I gave it to him then. I did it on purpose because I knew he would be touched and he would have to react in front of all those people. They made quite a to-do about the blanket. I was embarrassed by the attention. It did come out nice. I will post a pic of it soon so you can see the end result. Now I am working on My Blanket, the Striped Scrap, the Scrap, the Granny Scrap and will start a new one probably tonight for a waitress at Annie's (Missy) who is pregnant with a baby girl.

IPOD SONG OF THE DAY: "La Grange" by ZZTop. One of my all time favorite songs. When you are shooting pool and this song is playing - you cannot shoot badly. It's just the law.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I found it!

Euphoria that is. Last night while out walking I actually tossed in a little jogging. I would pick a point up ahead of me (not very far) and then I would jog to it. About 2/3's of the way into my walk/jog I got that old feeling back I had in 1997 - EUPHORIA. It happened when the second wind came and the adrenaline was pumping. It was awesome. I felt like I could walk for miles! I think I have made a big breakthrough and I'm happy to know that both AvMan (glad to have you back btw) and Mama are also walkers!

Friday! Woohoo! Have I got an exciting night planned! First off we are actually going to Happy Hour. One of the BA's birthday is today so we are heading out to BJ's at 4. I'm actually stoked about it. It seems far too long that I've socialized. After the HH I am supposed to head over to the yarn store for the once a month knitters/crocheters club. Not sure if I will make it. That lasts from 5-9. Not only that but I'm not sure I want to crochet on my blanket after having a few drinks. ;-)

I have made the decision about my tattoo - right ankle. I think I'm going to do a band around the ankle in a barbwire style and then have something dangling from it - as if it's a real live ankle bracelet. I was also thinking I could add "charms" to it if I ever felt the urge. Thoughts? Does everyone get the barbwire idea or do I need to rethink that.. I think my first charm will be DAUGHTRY. Just kidding, I think it will either be a grizzly bear, the MC Emblem or a horse shoe... I'm pretty excited about this!

I have started to document everything about my job. This is quite an undertaking as you all know. Not because of my job, but everyone knows when you start to actually record step by step what and how and why you do something, it can get so complex. It's just what I need right now.. Something to fill my work day completely from start to finish.

Metzvah is kicking @ss again... Alas, I have fallen behind AND I haven't come across anything worth sharing lately. That depresses me because as much as I enjoy reading his newsletters I am finding them tedious and not worth the effort.

Inbox : 31 / Read: 22

Mama is the HERO this week for introducing me to Clear Channel's HD radio. You gotta check this out. Yesterday I spent the afternoon listening to what they called STRIPPED Raw and Real. It's artists playing their songs acoustically. You could either watch the video or just listen to the audio. Phenomenal sound! This morning I tuned into a New Alternative station out of Atlanta and the first song they played was Rockstar by Nickelback. LOVE THAT SONG. Who doesn't want a bathroom they could play baseball in and have a drug dealer on speed dial?????? Kudos to you Mama! www.clearchannel/hdradio

CLEARCHANNEL SONG OF THE BLOG: "Rockstar" by Nickelback!