Friday, March 7, 2008

Back-dated: March 4, 2008 - BACK TO WORK AND CROWN

Today was my first day back to the work since Dec 21st. No, I never got brought on as an FTE and yes, that was quite a while to not be working. If things hadn't been up in the air during the entire time I could have enjoyed myself. I could have relaxed and gotten much more out of my "vacation" of sorts... But the constant worry in the back of my head as to whether I'd be brought back was a nagging pain in my ass. So was the DH. He would tell me to "Enjoy my day" and then every day he would get a migraine from worrying about our financial situation. He would wake up in the morning and tell me how horribly he slept and ask if any job offers had come down the pike. Then, inevitably, on his way out the door to go to work he would say, "Have a great day! Try and enjoy your time off!" Uh, yeah...riiiiiiiiiight.

So, now I'm back. In a different role. I will be assisting "H" with production issues regarding HR with relation to their user accounts for accessing some different applications (training, compensation, etc). Basically working help desk tickets and being a liaison between HR and IT when needed. I am still a contractor and this is scheduled to be only a 2 month gig. I did get a $13/hr raise so I'm not bitching about a damn thing.

I used to boo-hoo anyone who complained about going to the dentist. I couldn't understand what the big deal was and why they so hated going. This morning I made my 4th trip for a crown. The same crown. It was a Lava crown - high end sucker. Guaranteed to last. I cracked it somehow - much to the amazement of my dentist. So he took some xrays, did some drilling and filing, took some impressions, packed my tooth and put on a temporary. Oh yeah, and the numbing. How can I forget that?? Three weeks later I go back from my new Lava crown. But the new one didn't fit. More numbing, more xrays, packing, impressions. A few weeks later and I return for my new Lava. Only this time it not only doesn't fit, it's not even a Lava. My dentist was not happy with his lab. More numbing, xrays, pack-oh you get the idea. Today was supposed to be THE DAY. You guessed it - not right yet again. By this time my dentist is ready to give up his practice and retire by the lake or at the very least fire his lab crew. After numbing, xrays, filing, poking & prodding (my tooth Birdman), yet again more impressions he decided that perhaps a Lava is not the right crown. So next time I go in I am getting one made from 99.9% gold. Covered in something white.. The dentist is also throwing in some extra goodies, like a free whitening, etc. I go back on the 20th.

In other news; house is off the market, OH move is on hold, youngest son is on track to graduate in June, oldest son is divorced and in love again, second oldest son still hasn't talked to us (over a year now), daughter is doing well, horses are awesome and marriage is going well.

Bret Favre announced his retirement today. What a class act.

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