Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday and Snow Virgins

Today was a good day. Got up and had fresh brewed coffee and fresh baked cinnamon rolls. Yummy. Afterwards went to the feed store where I perused thru the ads - puppies, horses, fencing, puppies, trailers, puppies. Hmmmm. Didn't pick up a puppy but did buy two bales of Alfalfa hay for the girls. Got to the barn and hand grazed the horses for 30 minutes. Currently the grass and weeds are up to their bellies and I try and let them hand graze about 30 minutes every chance I get. They love it and its the closest they will get to free grazing probably until we get to Ohio. After I turned them out in the pasture (which doesn't have as much grass/weeds) and then commenced to mucking out pens. Yep, I said "muck". Mama and I love that word. Tehehe! Then it was off to one of the DH's clients house in Canyon Lake where we were picking up a free recliner. Seems B & L bought three and one of them has a handle on the right side to make it recline. Neither of them can use that one, they can only use the ones that you push back to recline. So they gave us the recliner. Nice! Matches our current new furniture almost perfectly. It will be the DH's. I will use the couch downstairs. The chair will go in our bedroom next to my side of the bed and the loveseat/chaise is in the loft - where I do most of my crocheting.

While we were at B & L's they served us lunch, which consisted of a P&B sandwich, apple and a granola bar. Oh, and skim milk. L made the P&B sandwiches an odd way... PB, bosenberry jam and then also butter. It was tasty, but I have never seen them made that way? Have you?

It never ceases to amaze me how friendly these older people are that my DH works for. They seem to be starving for the attention and love it when we visit. My DH makes it a point to "drop in" on his clients every so often and this endears him to them like you can't believe. L introduced me to a new craft called Swedish weaving. It's a way of taking yarn and monk cloth and creating the most beautiful designs. Now, I admit I need another hobby like I need another hole in my head. I can't resist being creative. Besides - it's related to crocheting because it uses yarn, so I am keeping it in the general category of yarnwork, right?? (See how I justified that??)

When we got home I immediately took a nap. I was so tired - one of those where you can barely make it to the couch or bed before you are asleep. I slept for almost two hours. When I woke up the DH and I got showered and dressed and went for a wonderful steak dinner and then we went to Best Buy to buy our daughter (J) a dig camera for her 22nd bday - which we are celebrating tomorrow with good friends M and K. M & K have never met, but we are hoping they hit it off. :-)

We have a virus on our home PC and it's pretty much driving me berzerk, so I am currently trying to get rid of it. We bought a new Dell in January and forbid our son to get on it. We gave him the old Dell which he has in his room. We thought for sure without him on it we wouldn't have to worry about this crap, but lo and behold the DH got an email from a buddy that had some porn and bam! Grrrrrrr.

While we were experiencing 70 degree weather, my family in OH was in a blizzard. Yes, a blizzard. According to my relatives they have gotten about 10 inches of snow. My sister hates snow. Refering to it as White Death. She sent me a text this morning letting me know she was shoveling her driveway. I asked her why she was shoveling and she sent me a text back that said, "Only a snow virgin would ask that." Snow Virgin???? She cannot be serious?? Just because I have been out of that weather for many years doesn't mean I'm a virgin!!!! And if I am does that make her a Snow Slut????? Either way I am so damn envious. The last blizzard we had was in 1978. I remember it well. Drifts so high our front door was completely covered. It was awesome. I think school was out for an entire week.

Friday night I went to my first knitting/crocheting club meeting at the local yarn store. I arrived around 5:30 and found myself sitting between two sisters a little older than myself around a large table filled with baskets of yarn, patterns, and cookies. There was such a variety of women, but we all have one thing in common and that's yarn. Most were knitters and most were working on things like sweaters or shrugs. I wasn't sure I was liking it at first, but the longer I sat and the more I talked to the two sisters, the more I started to relax and enjoy the comraderie. They only meet once a month and every time they hold a raffle. I got a call today that I had won the raffle grand prize. Not sure what that is, but I'm hoping to pick it up tomorrow! How fun is that??

It's great to be back. I have missed you all and have missed blogging!

SONG OF THE DAY: "Watching Airplanes" by Gary Allen.


the mama said...

i do love the word muck!!

how the muck are you??? tee-hee-hee!!

i am so mucking happy you are blogging again!

birdman said...

I beleive you and DH;s good deeds will be rewarded someday - you have to believe that.... it is nice what you do.

Search for the virus you have (you can usually see hte file running in task manager) to find the fix for it - you may have to boot in safe mode to kill it...

Not sure if I am down with that much snow.....

The club will be fun - wifey is part of Flying Geese - a quilting guild - (they call it a guild) and she enjoys it.