Monday, March 24, 2008

Hot, hot, hot

Is anyone else mortified that it's already in the high 80's? I spent a good part of my weekend whining about how friggin hot it was.

With that in mind and the fact that we will be in CA for another hot summer, we discussed some options with the horses and their shelters. Right now there are two shelters side by side covering them. The problem with these shelters is that by 2:30 in the afternoon the shade provided by the shelters is outside their pens. So the DH and I discussed some options. At first we thought the only thing to do was move the shelters, but this poses several problems. First and foremost they are buried into the ground and would be a bitch to move. So after some brainstorming we decided to buy a tarp and using 2x4's we will create a sort of frame for the tarp to be nailed to which will sit on the back end of the two existing shelters and attach to the middle supports. It will be held in place using a 4x4 post. This will eliminate any possible winds coming along and whipping the tarp around, scaring the horses. The shade it will provide will cover them until well after the sun actually sets. We hope to get this in motion this week. The DH is anxious to get started - he loves doing this kind of thing.

I did not get my pen friend list this weekend, so I am anxiously waiting that this week! I was looking everywhere this weekend for some envelopes in cool colors and found nothing. Well, I did but they were for resumes or business correspondence and way too expensive for my liking. I remember years ago being able to buy packs of colored envelopes (the large ones). Anyone got any ideas?

You guys remember Raul Malo? He's back at The Coach House on July 16th and the DH and I are going for dinner and the show. Woohoo! You might recall this photo from two years ago?

Can't wait to see him again. The DH is hesitant about going. He thinks it will be a bunch of screaming women. I told him it wasn't like that at all. I told him the audience would probably be half and half.

SONG OF THE DAY: "Where It's At" by Beck. I don't consider myself a true fan of Beck's. His music is an acquired taste. Outside of his "hits" I can't really relate to most of his stuff, but the ones he does put out as a single for radio plays are usually damn good.

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the mama said...

sunday it was too hot.... not gonna complain or it will start raining again!

cool song.