Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Already???

That weekend FLEW by. I really don't remember anything about it other than that I DID NOT GET MY LIST OF PENFRIENDS. I am starting to think it is a conspiracy at this point.

Not much happened over the weekend to blog about. I am really close to getting my son's blanket done. I must admit, it is a nice blanket. I am on the border now and it's necessary for me to make it wider than I normally would because of the size of this blanket. My goal is to finish it tonight.

Sunday was an awesome day as it was the return of MLB!! Woohoo! I love BASEBALL. Can't get enough of it on TV. I got a kick out of watching President Bush throw out the first ball and then listen to him chatting later on with the announcers (Joe Morgan & Jon Miller). He got a lot of "boos" from the crowd in Washington. Can't say I blame anyone as the war in Iraq just seems, well, pointless at this stage. I am not happy about THAT part of his presidency.

Thanks to Mama I have something to blog!!!!! Here ya go!!!


I always try very hard to see the positive side of everything. I never like to assume the worst, but the best.


Dumpster - my cat. When I look at her I see nothing but love. She always seems very happy to see me. She and I have our own way of communicating. She stays mostly upstairs. When I am up there she is with me. We play little games and it's a routine for her. I think she looks forward to them as much as I do.

Dolly - my horse and my horsemanship. Dolly gives me so much joy. Just being near her is an honor to me. When she gives me attention I am overwhelmed by her affection. I know I probably personalize her more than is really there, but to me she is a sweet, loving, gentle animal that loves me just as much back. For me, riding is a freedom I can't explain. It's the most amazing feeling to be astride a horse and being able to feel your way to making them go where you want, when you want, how fast you want. It's a discovering of yourself nothing else has ever taught me.

Crocheting - I don't know what I would do if I didn't have this in my life. I cannot express to you how much completeness I get in my life when I am holding my crochet hook and yarn. I get butterflies in the pit of my stomach when I see yarn. I love making things and I love it when someone says, "Can I have that?" I swear, inside I do flip-flops.

Naps - I could take one every single day. I love lying down on a cool clean sheet and then covering up with either the blanket I am making or another one I have completed. The room doesn't have to be dark for me to crash out. I can sleep anywhere, any time.

Being with my husband. I truly believe he and I are soulmates. We have fun together and I think he is so sexy and hot - like the first time I saw him and those first times we were together. I still get that feeling inside when I am with him.


Lemon bars. I love the tanginess of them. I cannot eat just one and if I were to make them at home I would end up eating the entire pan because no one else likes them but me. They remind me of my Mom because she used to make lemon pie all the time.

Chocolate frosting. It's addicting. I don't make cake, so I never have to worry about buying or making frosting. If I buy a can of it at the store when I get it home I have to open the container and taste it.

Chili. I could eat this all the time but my family forbids me to make it often.

Hot Fudge. Along the same lines as the chocolate frosting.. If it's in the house, it doesn't last long. I feel it calling to me from the frig. I will open the jar and take a big spoonful. Before long the jar is empty and I don't remember eating it all.


Biscuits and gravy, Elvis and lawnmowers


I wish I could learn to play an instrument in a very short period of time and play it well.

I wish I could learn to understand the business world and finances better.

Friday, March 28, 2008

It's Finally Friday

It took everything I had this morning to get my butt out of bed. I was up at 5:15 because our old cat Airborne would not leave me alone. He has a very wet nose and he likes to rub his nose and whiskers against your forehead, arm, back - whatever is exposed from under the covers until he gets your attention. Once you are awake if you don't immediately hop out of bed to feed his royal highness, he will simply stare at your face and "meow" until you do. So I crawl out of bed, find my robe and slippers and head the stairs, almost falling in the process. The other two cats are joyful at this time to see me up and about. I pour some dry food into their bowl for Dumpster. Open the frig to get Airborne's baby food. He likes it warm, so I nuke it for 14 seconds. Yoda waits patiently on the counter for his little bit of milk. It's all a routine. They know it and they expect it every day. After they are happy I head back upstairs. What I should have done was immediately turned on the shower. Instead I put my robe and slippers away, glanced back at the bed, and damn if I didn't crawl back in - til 6:45.

The next thing I heard was the garage door opening. Seems our son can't get up early to job hunting, but manages to get up early to go paintballing with friends. Sigh. I finally get out of bed, glance down the stairs to see our son standing there. "Headed out?" "Yeah", he says. "Uh, I was wondering if I could borrow like $10?" Now this is where my feathers get ruffled. He had $135 dollars last week. Where in the hell does it all go? "Sorry", I said. "Can't help you." I turn and head to the shower. This time turning it on. He went anyway, so he must have had money to get into the paintball course ($25) probably not anything to eat with. Oh well. Not my problem.

On my in to work I went by and turned the horses out for the day. They were happy about that. On my way into work I witnessed some noteworthy road rage. I was stopped waiting for traffic to pass so I could make a right on red. Several cars go by and then the last one to pass was a red pickup truck. I glance left and with nothing in sight, I pull out. Out of nowhere comes this silver Honda. He flies by me on the left. Whew! That was close. Well, I travel on my way, proceeding a little slower and as I gain speed and start to look ahead a ways I see the silver car with its brake lights. The red pick up is stopped dead in the lane. Nothing in front of him, he is just stopped. My first thought was something was in the road. Oh please don't let it be an animal! Well, then the truck starts driving and the silver car does the same. Then the silver car tries to pass the truck on the left, but the red truck swerves over left of center and keeps the car from passing. They do this for about two miles on a two lane road. It's a dangerous road. The lines are mostly solid, so it was illegal for this guy to be passing as is. I kept my distance. I was really afraid they were going to throw down.

Finally make it into work hoping like hell some good samaritan decided to bring in donuts. Damn - nada. I have to make due with my Quaker Oat blueberry muffin bar.

Then Birdman has to rub it in how WONDERFUL his vacation has been. Gee, can't a girl catch a break?????

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SONG OF THE DAY: "Sunday Bloody Sunday". Enough said.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I wish I could crawl back into bed and just start this entire week over. Seems like no matter what I do or say, it's causing a disagreement between the DH and me. Nothing like arguing over money with your spouse! I'm tired of it and it feels like I am being picked on. Ready to move on and put this crap behind us.

Still no list of pen friends from IPF. That was disappointing yesterday as it was technically the two week mark. According to their site that's how long it takes to get a list and since their headquarters is in Washington state I assumed there would be no catch. Maybe today?

Mama and I are the only ones blogging. What's up with that Birdman, Audio and Av?? Would be nice if you guys chimed in now and then to let us know you are still breathing. :-) We miss ya!

Long work day today.. I have a peer review this afternoon I volunteered for. They scheduled the meeting for 3-4:30. Serves me right for volunteering I guess. It's all good though as that is pure OT and since money is the root of all evil, but the world revolves around it I suppose I am doing my part.

SONG OF THE DAY: "Can't Buy Me Love" by The Beatles.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hump Day

This has been a really long week - or is it just me? I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday.

Couple things going on in my world I wanted to share:

  • Baseball season opened in Japan. Used to be that Opening Day was ALWAYS in Cincinnati in honor of the oldest team - Redlegs. So much for tradition. But alas, baseball season is back and that is always a good thing. Go Reds. We are going to see the Reds play the Padres for the DH's birthday in May. We are going as a family! Should be fun.

  • My Mom is coming out for two weeks in June. She is mostly coming out for our son's graduation, but spending a little extra time just to visit. I'll probably arrange to take some time off then. Maybe we'll do a road trip to Vegas? Who knows?

  • I think I'll include my search for a new ride to include the Toyota Tundra. I really like the look of this truck. Ironically this is the exact color I want:

  • Still no list of pen friends.. That totally bummed me out yesterday. I'm hopeful the list will arrive today though!

  • Starbucks is featuring a Latin America coffee this week that is worth trying. It's called Guatemala Antigua. Look for this sticker/label:

Metzvah is still lagging. I have noticed lately he is taking a lot of crap lately for his opinions on the music world. Realizing its just that - his opinions - I do take it for what it's worth. I continue to read his newsletter because I like to keep up with music in general and in a way he does provide that. Inbox: 2 / Read: 9

IPOD SONG OF THE DAY: "Mouth" by Bush. I've been a long time Bush fan. I am looking forward to their new release scheduled for 2009.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I could live in Alaska, or Minnesota..

I had a tootache most of the day yesterday. I was determined to make it to 3 for 8 hours. Afterwards I had to drive over and put the girls away. Then I had to stop at Albertson's for my prescriptions and picked up some of those Orajel tootache swabs. Those things are killer. Really helped numb the area so I could at least stop being in agony. I slept in the spare room. I got up about 4 times in pain. This morning I went to my dentist. He opens at 8 and I was there at 7:45. He was cool. Took xrays and did some probing. He doesn't think it's anything more than my receding gums along the crown and two other teeth that are causing the problem. I have exposed roots right now and he thinks that in time the gums will move back to protect the area. He put a sealant along the gums for me at no cost and sent me on my way. I already feel better. He said to avoid brushing too hard - most people do. And to stop eating nuts, granola, etc. :-(

So I came into work around 9:30. Stopped for a SBux and now I'm at my desk.

When I get bored I often will go from blog to blog to blog. Clicking on that magical little button at the top of our blogs that simply says "NEXT BLOG". It's amazing what you can come across. I've noticed something - there are a lot of hispanic blogs. Anyway, while blurfing I came across a blog for a woman in Minnesota that knits. Her photos were so cool - her family living in a very remote log cabin type home, water freezing in pipes, food prepared over a wood stove, and knitting. It got me thinking looking at the pics about how I could totally live in an area like that. An area where most of the time you wear long sleeves. Where maybe if the temps hit the mid 70's is a heat wave. Where snow is just part of the scenery and not an occasional visitor. Not sure why I feel this way exactly, but I've always been this way. As a kid I loathed the long summer days. I loved the first sign of Autumn and the bite of a chill in the air.

The military brought me to CA and I stayed because of the kids. My heart has always been somewhere else. I know now that somewhere should be cold.

SONG OF THE DAY: "Just Another Day" by Oingo Boingo.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Hot, hot, hot

Is anyone else mortified that it's already in the high 80's? I spent a good part of my weekend whining about how friggin hot it was.

With that in mind and the fact that we will be in CA for another hot summer, we discussed some options with the horses and their shelters. Right now there are two shelters side by side covering them. The problem with these shelters is that by 2:30 in the afternoon the shade provided by the shelters is outside their pens. So the DH and I discussed some options. At first we thought the only thing to do was move the shelters, but this poses several problems. First and foremost they are buried into the ground and would be a bitch to move. So after some brainstorming we decided to buy a tarp and using 2x4's we will create a sort of frame for the tarp to be nailed to which will sit on the back end of the two existing shelters and attach to the middle supports. It will be held in place using a 4x4 post. This will eliminate any possible winds coming along and whipping the tarp around, scaring the horses. The shade it will provide will cover them until well after the sun actually sets. We hope to get this in motion this week. The DH is anxious to get started - he loves doing this kind of thing.

I did not get my pen friend list this weekend, so I am anxiously waiting that this week! I was looking everywhere this weekend for some envelopes in cool colors and found nothing. Well, I did but they were for resumes or business correspondence and way too expensive for my liking. I remember years ago being able to buy packs of colored envelopes (the large ones). Anyone got any ideas?

You guys remember Raul Malo? He's back at The Coach House on July 16th and the DH and I are going for dinner and the show. Woohoo! You might recall this photo from two years ago?

Can't wait to see him again. The DH is hesitant about going. He thinks it will be a bunch of screaming women. I told him it wasn't like that at all. I told him the audience would probably be half and half.

SONG OF THE DAY: "Where It's At" by Beck. I don't consider myself a true fan of Beck's. His music is an acquired taste. Outside of his "hits" I can't really relate to most of his stuff, but the ones he does put out as a single for radio plays are usually damn good.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Or maybe this?

Nah, hardly sensible for a horse owner!!! Dang it!

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

And my happiness continues to bubble. Can't quite figure out why I am so damn happy, but I'm not complaining! Everything just feels really good right now. Work, marriage, hobbies - everything.

I came in to work in the most casual of attire. My barn jeans (they are clean), a barn tshirt underneath my favorite corduroy shirt. :D I have a reason though. Around 8:30 I am going to drive over and turn the horses out for the remainder of the day. I know they will enjoy being in the pasture, grazing like horses like to do.

Yesterday I had a slew of help desk tickets to update forms on our Company page. It was so friggin cool. I got the hang of it and in no time was whipping them out with speed and accuracy! I am so enjoying it. Also found out yesterday this gig should last at least thru the end of July, if not thru the end of Oct! Woohoo!

So with that in mind I am starting to shop for my truck!!!!!!!

Will it be the 3500?

Or perhaps the 1500 Hemi?

SONG OF THE DAY: "Goodbye-Goodbye" by Oingo Boingo. I forgot how many good songs these guys have!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


By the way, I am blogging on the sister site now re IPF.

См. вас там!

Do you think TIME is just a magazine?

The older I get the more I realize how quickly time goes by. Yesterday morning we had a group class with our work section. Our manager led it and he did a great job. It's a Corporate thing - they are trying to make our company even more touchy-feely then it already is. We talked about a lot of things, but the real jist of the entire meeting/class was that we are all people. We have families that deserve and need our attention outside of work and if everyone respects that we will have better working relations. Not only because people will be happier getting to not miss little Johnny's first t-ball game or Suzie's dance recital, but because it allows others to get to know you and your family, your pets, your hobbies... I thought it was a really great meeting and I walked out of there happy to be alive. We called it Celebrating Life and that really fit.

This morning I had my 5th visit to the dentist for the same crown. This one I think they finally got right as it feels like a good fit. The xrays looked good, too. After my 5th time I sort of feel like I can tell myself. Thank the Lord. I was NOT going to return to them if it didn't.

I don't think I've ever talked much about my brother. Anthony is 47 and lives about 5 miles from my Mom. He is a mechanic. Anthony has never been married, although he did come close many years ago. His Dad and mine are not the same. He was raised by my maternal grandmother and for lack of a better way to describe his upbringing, he was spoiled rotten. He was a discipline nightmare. Never finished high school. Was in trouble with the law for drugs and drinking and just sort of seemed to get lost in that world and never really surfaced. A few years back he was actually dating a woman. For whatever reason her family didn't care for Anthony and one night nearly beat him to death. He was in the hospital for quite awhile and even now is not quite right physically. He is hunched over and looks more like he's 67 than 47. My Mom takes care of him, in that she will fix him his favorite breakfast or dinner. She does his laundry since his apartment complex doesn't have facilities. The one thing Anthony and I do share is a love for animals. He has always had a dog and when he was growing up on my grandparents place, he always had ponies. Me, being the horse lover I was, loved going there to see them. He would often be mean though and not allow me to ride them. Looking back I understand why he did this and I have forgiven him for that. Now Anthony shares his apartment with 5 dogs. One Great Dane/Lab mix named Jake. A huge Marmaduke of a dog with a heart of gold. He is absolutely gorgeous and everyone adores him. The other four are all heelers - a sort of cattle dog. Very loyal, protective of my brother and just as spoiled as Jake.

While I was visiting Ohio in January we went to his apartment. Something no one ever does. My brother was genuinely touched. We talked about his dogs mostly, our three cats, the horses. We connected. When it was time to leave, he hugged me so hard I thought I'd pass out and then as I pulled away and looked into his eyes I saw tears. I saw love. I saw thankfulness. It was all I could do not to burst into tears. Now that I am back to work and making money I decided I would send him a dog box filled with goodies for his four legged companions. My cup runneth over at this point.

Metzvah ain't got nothing on me. Bring it!

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Song of the Day: "One Tree Hill" by U2. Gee, who doesn't get melancholy listening to this one? Written as a eulogy about a good friend of Bono's who was killed by a drunk driver on his way to run an errand for Bono. Enough said.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Yeah, I shook things up a bit with the new look. Wanted to try something different. We'll roll with this for a while.

Last night I spent time downloading more songs from our CD collection and the putting them on my IPod. What a job that is! But once done, it will be amazing to have everything in one location. I am about 80% thru our CD's and still have room for about 1200 songs. Wow!

From what I am reading things are getting shaken up at the ol Merc! Heads gonna roll? Cages gettin rattled? LOL We have a bit of that going on here as well. Seems the new IT Dir isn't measuring up. Poor communication skills both verbally and written, not understanding business processes, opening her mouth to insert a foot - you know the drill! Congrats to Audioslave for getting a call to come back to the Merc - not that he will probably bless them with his presence, but man, it's got to feel good to know you are missed!
As it turns out the property in OH is a no go. No, no, it's OK. We are both OK with it. Seems the property is actually a doublewide which means a lot, but most importantly the upkeep on one is just not worth it. We are looking for something more permanent with actual walls. The newer modulars have drywall, etc... We think the price is too high for a doublewide, in spite ot if being on 25 acres. So we are passing on it.

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SONG OF THE DAY: "Running to Stand Still" by U2. One of the best albums ever recorded is The Joshua Tree. And one of the best songs off that album is this one. This song has some great lyrics. Most people do not know it is a song about heroin addiction. I don't want to bring anyone down. I am actually in a GREAT mood. When this song came on my IPod I was so happy. I wanted to share it with everyone in the office, but cubicles and headphones have a way of creating barriers!

And so she woke up
Woke up from where she was lying still
Said I gotta do something about where we're going
Step on a steam train
Step out of the driving rain
Maybe run from the darkness in the night
Singing ha, ah la la la de day
Ah la la la de day
Ah la la de day

Sweet the sin
Bitter, the taste in my mouth
I see seven towers
But I only see one way out
You got to cry without weeping
Talk without speaking
Scream without raising your voice
You know I took the poison from the poison stream
Then I floated out of here
Singing ha la la la de day
Ha la la la de day
Ha la la de day


She runs through the streets with her eyes painted red
Under a black belly of cloud in the rain
In through a doorway
She brings me white gold and pearls
Stolen from the sea she is raging, she is raging
And the storm blows up in her eyes
She will suffer the needle chill
She's running to stand still

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Life and the pursuit of happiness

Focusing on work right now seems impossible. Of course, my queue is filled with tickets of people that need my help accessing their training plans. Nothing is ever easy.

The DH and I are waiting for a response from a realtor in Ohio. A lot depends on what he has to say. A big part of me feels like a small salmon trying to swim upstream. Everything seems to be against me. Patience has never been one of my strong suits. I'm also on the side of taking chances when it comes to something I believe in. "We'll see what happens" seems to be the mantra.

I see that the McCartney-Mills divorce is finally a done deal. She really made herself look bad, didn't she? If memory serves me didn't Paul offer her $50mil right up front and she refused, asking for $250mil? How much money is too much?

Has anyone been following the Obama - Wright thing? Have you guys heard what the Rev. Wright preaches in his church? I have to admit I was speechless yesterday listening to part of a sermon he was giving courtesy of the O'Reilly Factor.

Metvah must have awoke from his coma. He's starting to spit out the newsletters.

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SONG OF THE DAY: "Set You Free" by the Black Keys off of the School of Rock CD.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Because of my red hair everyone assumes I am Irish. They are half right. My ancestors actually came from England. My maiden name is Gentry, which is very English, but somewhere along the way, we did get a bit of Irish in us so I accept the association with open arms. I doubt I have any green beer in celebration. If I were going to partake it would have been over the weekend, not on a Monday night. But we'll see. You just never know and the day is still young.

So the DH and I did in fact update the web site. If you get a chance, check it out. Nothing real exciting there.. Just some new pics is all. The hits help though so drop in.

Call me crazy but driving into work this morning was actually a happy time. I'm not sure if I'm happy to have a job or happy with my job. Does it really matter? Any time I feel this good on a Monday I'm not going to knock it! I have a lot of work today - we had two releases go in to fix two minor bugs and so now I get to call everyone that submitted a help desk ticket and make sure they are 'good to go'. That should keep me busy for most of the day!
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SONG OF THE DAY: "Where The Streets Have No Name" by U2. In honor of the holiday. Let's have a great week!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beating and $700

Man, did I take a beating for my long post yesterday! Sorry guys! I won't get diarhea of the mouth again. Or would that be diarhea of the fingers? Whatever. I won't do that to you again.

Last night we went for lasagna at Filipi's. We had avoided it for awhile because the last trip there the lasagna was luke warm. Ick. But we were craving it and they have the best, so we went. It was amazing. I'm not sure why it's so good. Could be they smother it with marinara sauce until it looks like you have a mountain on your plate. Could be the warm Italian bread and the way the butter soaks into it. Could be the four inch meatballs. Yummmmmmmy.

Afterwards the DH and I decided to "go out" and decided we could each spare $100 out of our stashes and went to Pechanga to make a deposit. We figured it would be crowded and it was. But we managed to get seats at our favorite machine (Big Shots) where we both commenced to win. Not only did we leave with the $200 we brought in, but we went home with an extra $700. After playing for 4 hours, we called it a night. That was awesome.

Today promises to be a lazy day. The clouds overhead don't look like rain clouds, but the temps are still chilly. We are just kicking back, surfing the net and doing some laundry. Might work on the web page; then again, might not.

SONG OF THE DAY: "Home" by Blake Shelton. This is a cool song. Different for Blake in a lot of ways, but at the same time I have always thought he is way under rated as a singer. It is a remake of the Michael Buble song, but I think he does a great job. Not only that, but is GF, Miranda Lambert sings on the song with him. It's my new theme song for getting to Ohio.

You can check out the audio here:

Look for where it says "Start Listening" and click on that link. WARNING: Birdman, it might be painful to your punk ears.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

One Simple Thing

I've already had a busy day. I don't want to bore you with the minutia of it, but to leave it out would be missing my point. So you'll have to muddle thru this blog.

For whatever reason the DH was up at 5:30. That was a nice change, since it's usually me that has the cat in their face waking you up so as to feed him. I didn't even hear the cat this morning. But the DH did and got up to take over cat feeding duties this morning. Out of guilt or curiousity, I went downstairs to ask him what he was doing. "Cleaning the litter box", he said, as he help up the treasure. Now, that's not what I meant. It seemed obvious to me but apparently it wasn't to him. I said, "No, what I meant was what you were doing up." "What a terrible night." That's all he said. So I said, "Why?" And this is where it happened -- "You ask me this same thing every time I can't sleep and I don't know how many times I have to tell you, if I knew I would fix it - I don't know why!"

With that I turned and walked away. Went back upstairs, crawled back under the covers and tried to get comfortable enough to go back to sleep. But the conversation kept running thru my mind. Was it me? Or was it him? Did he really think I was asking him WHY he couldn't sleep? Did he not understand I was asking him what kept him from sleeping - as in, headache; not tired, too hot, too cold? After knowing one another since 1990 you'd think we would have bridged this communication gap a long time ago. Apparently not.

So I did fall back to sleep. For almost two hours. He woke me up at 7:35 to ask if we were still going to breakfast. He had to be at a client's house at 9. I got out of bed and said, "Sure, let's do it." We drove in separate vehicles since he was going one way and I to take care of the horses. Breakfast, as usual, was great at Annie's. Every waitress and busboy called their "Hello" or "Good Morning" to us. I made my way thru 2 eggs over medium with buttered wheat toast. I love to mash up the eggs with salt and pepper and then eat them on my toast. The DH had a bacon and cheddar omelet with an english muffin. Coffee for me and hot english tea for him. We are a fixture now at Annie's. They don't even ask us what we want to drink. We just sit down and the busboy Jose brings the coffee and tea right to us. There's something very cool and comfortable in that. Something that will be hard to leave when we head to Ohio.

After breakfast we walk to our vehicles and the DH asks me if I am mad at him for waking me up to go to breakfast. What? Is he for real? Of course I'm not mad about that. "Why are you mad at me?" he asks. "You hurt my feelings in the kitchen when I asked you why you had a terrible night. I wasn't asking you to tell me what was causing you to not to sleep - but why you couldn't." To him it was the same question and being a man, he wanted to FIX it and he couldn't. That one thing had come between us for whatever reason and both of us had been off in our own world having bad thoughts.

We parted ways having made up; all kissy & huggy in the parking lot, talking about just going home and getting back beneath the covers and spend the day there, but work and horses were calling so we parted.

I ended up having an incident at the ranch I rarely do with the girls. I was haltering one up (Dolly) to lead her down to the pasture and the other decides to come up behind her at the gate and crowd her. Dolly thinks she is about to get bitten by the older mare and tries to move out of her way. The only way away though is over the top of me. Fortunately though Dolly didn't go over me. She stopped (which is a very good sign) and stood there, waiting for the worst to happen. That one thing showed me that Dolly knew I was very much there and wasn't going to hurt me to avoid what was coming for her. As it turned the other mare didn't do anything to her at all. I got them both down to the pasture, where they kicked and bucked, ran and rolled - joyous to be out of their smaller pens for the wide open pasture. As I always do, I stop and watch them from the highest point on the property. Seeing them run and play is one of my favorite things to do.

I began mucking the pens and just then the DH pulls up. His work at the client's house was cut short because there was no leak in the sprinkler system as first thought. He had only a few minor things to 'fix' and he was done. So he was there to help me muck, dump and clean and fill waterers, feed tomorrow's breakfast and watch the horses in the pasture. Right now the 5 acres they are on is quite beautiful. The weeds and grass are overgrown (up to their bellies) and it almost looks inviting enough for me to consider staying in CA. Almost. I sigh, wondering if Ohio is just a far fetched dream or if we will in fact make it there? And if we do will it be in time to do what we want, how we want?

An older client of the DH's (Sara) asked me why I didn't take up golf. She and her husband are avid golfers and enjoy it very much. They are in their 70's. Sara asked, "How much longer do you think you can ride?" I think my jaw dropped. What does she mean???? How long do I think I can ride??? What was she implying? That at 44 I was getting close to the end of my riding days? Was that true? Wait, I know a lot of people that ride well into their 60's and 70's. I even knew a man that was 94 and still sitting tall in the saddle. So now, in moments of weakness, I let Sara's innocent question enter my thoughts and psyche and I get scared. I get scared our dreams won't be realized before I am not able to ride every day. I get scared my horses will become a distant memory - something I did in my younger days. One simple question from Sara set my mind into a tailspin and it takes me a while to regain my senses when I get caught up in it.

I think of sharing this fear with the DH but I know what he will say. He will tell me our time will come and our place is out there and it will happen in time. He will tell me we will ride our horses every day if we want, on our own property, or thru trails in a campground. We will work on our fences, our barn, our house - just like we have dreamed. All in due time. So I keep quiet; letting the scary thoughts fester in my head, bringing down my mood and making me feel like an old 44 instead of a young 44.

Once home I get online with a couple of agenda items. 1) Order an IPod docking station; 2) Update our web page; 3) Download some more CDs to the IPod and 4) Blog. First though, as always I read my email. Nothing personal in my inbox which isn't out of the ordinary for a Saturday morning. However, there is a newsletter from Metzvah. Subject line: One Simple Thing. As promised, I will share with you some quotes directly from the newsletter:

"...Sometimes everything on your iPod sounds good..."

"...And then, firing up my iPod to listen to some music while I did my full-on back exercises, I heard Steely Dan's "Brooklyn (Owes The Charmer Under Me)". My favorite cut from my favorite Steely Dan album, the very first. And I heard Jackson Browne's live "Never Stop", and got new insight. Funny how you can listen to a song a hundred times and still learn something new. Then, lying on the floor, I heard the ethereal intro, of the Stabilizers' "One Simple Thing".

"As if this world had only begun..."

Funny how you can have thousands of tracks on your iPod, but you know every one. INSTANTLY! With all the rest of the stuff crammed in there, with the constant input, how does the brain DO IT?..."

"...The Stabilizers had a bit of action on "One Simple Thing", but they were the wrong band at the wrong time. When "The Joshua Tree" was all over MTV, the Stabilizers hearkened back to the seventies. They had no edge. They didn't stand for anything. They just had one good cut. But that cut, I dropped the needle on it again and again.

I don't know if the one simple thing is what makes the relationship complete or breaks it up. It seems the lyrics state the former, but I always thought it was the latter. That's how relationships are. One simple thing left unsaid, one thought one person has, is what breaks the bond.

And this simple thing is not something the rest of the world cares about. It's not going to be posted on TMZ. At heart, we're all alone, it's about the personal, not the ubiquitous hype. And when we listen to a great record, we delve deep into ourselves, our thoughts. A record can bond us with another, but usually no one else is necessary, just you and the tunes are enough, to feel comforted, to gain insight.

When "One Simple Thing" came over my iPod, I couldn't move. I just lay on the floor, staring at the ceiling, my whole life playing out in the space between me and the roof. My mind was set free. By the music."

I have to admit I have no idea who The Stablizers are (or were). I was one of those caught up in the U2 euphoria. Their music took over and most everything else dropped off to the wayside for quite a while. But as sometimes happens, I found this newsletter to be uplifting. In the way that only a song or music can.

SONG OF THE DAY: "One Simple Thing" by The Stabilizers.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sticky Buns

No, not mine... I love the real thing - sticky buns. A cinnamon roll covered in pecans is my idea of THE best pastry in the world. Believe it or not, Stater Bros. makes the best sticky buns I've found in CA. It's sort of hit and miss though with Stater Bros. You can go in there one day and see them lined up nicely, just ready to be eaten by me. But that will be the day I'm strongwilled, pass them by and pat myself on the back for not indulging. Then when I have been good all week and decide I'll treat myself to just one yummy, oooey-gooey sticky bun Stater Bros. across the Inland Empire will not have them. Oh no, some brainiac pastry clerk decided TODAY they would make something different - cinnamon rolls covered in maple icing with pecans. (Or was it a conspiracy of all the pastry clerks across all Stater Bros. in the IE? Kind of makes you go "Hmmmmmm.") Now, I am a fan of maple icing. Don't get me wrong. On the right donut that is the way to go, but not on a supposed to be sticky bun. Don't do it! For the love of God man! Where is your humanity????I had to settle for a Krispy Kreme. I decided since I was going to all that trouble I would buy enough to share so I brought in 2 dozen. Good deed done for the day!

I have decided to create a separate blog for my new penfriend gig. It's here but don't go there yet as it isn't done and there's nothing there. I'll let you know when it's ready. I'm getting excited about finding out who I will be writing to. When I was a member before I had friends in Estonia and Lithuania. I found them fascinating. They were likewise fascinated with me and my life in the US. They were interested in my military career and how a woman would choose that lifestyle with a child. I remember sending one an afghan I made. She was so touched that she told me she couldn't possibly give me anything that equaled that and I never heard from her again. I'm not sure if she broke off the friendship or if something else happened, but really made me wonder. I never found out. I asked a lot of people, too. People that might know something about that culture. Most said they didn't think that would cause her not to write me anymore, but they weren't sure... I lost touch with all the others as well. Not because of me not writing, but because of them not writing. I wonder if that means I got boring?

Anyway I figured with that other blog I would list my penfriends and post pics when I got them and share interesting tidbits about their lives. That way, if you are not interested, you don't have to read about it on this blog.

I am in training today from 1-5. Meeting the DH for lunch and then going to class at the TEM campus. I am in the MUR campus. The training is for a program that lets me have access to back end logins for particular training sites our users access. It will help with my trouble shooting duties.

I emptied the old Metzvah inbox and read box. We are starting fresh!

Inbox: 0 / Read: 1

If I come across anthing worth mentioning, I will. Stand by!

SONG OF THE DAY: "Things That Never Cross a Man's Mind" by Kellie Pickler. Yes, she is the blonde from AI fame. She has done pretty well for herself even though she didn't win Idol, finished 6th. I really like the way she sings and I think she has a great range of vocals. Her songs don't all sound alike. I cranked it up on my in this morning. Yay, it's Friday! To a working girl that means a lot!!! Sorry, no video or audio available for the song, but here's a cute pic I found of her! She got a boob job!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Not much to blog about...

I am feeling a little 'empty' today. I can't think of much to blog and just feel tired. I think the time change continues to be an issue for me. I made an effort last night to stay awake past 9. I actually made it to 10! Woohoo! Am I a party animal or what?? I worked on my son's blanket in an attempt to get it finished. I am anxious to start another project and have promised myself I wouldn't until I got this large project done. I would say I'm about 65% complete.

I had to be in early today for a conference call with our Europe counterparts. I love hearing their accents. Irish, German.. Wish there was a way for me to fanagle (sp?) a trip over there, but I doubt that's possible in a contract position.

Did anyone happen to catch that the Weather Channel founder would like to sue Al Gore over the Global Warming hype? Here is quote from John Coleman; “[I] have a feeling this is the opening,” Coleman said. “If the lawyers will take the case – sue the people who sell carbon credits. That includes Al Gore. That lawsuit would get so much publicity, so much media attention. And as the experts went to the media stand to testify, I feel like that could become the vehicle to finally put some light on the fraud of global warming.”

Well, I need to muddle thru today! Thirteen days until I get my PenFriends list!

SONG OF THE DAY: "I Love This Bar" by Toby Keith. Just a good ol' country song!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gone and Done It

I went home last night and asked the DH what he thought about my joining the PenFriends club. I was surprised by his answer - he told me to go for it. He said he was surprised I had waited this long as he knew how much I enjoyed corresponding with all the people. So, I downloaded the application form, wrote out a check for $20 and dropped it in the mail this morning. I should get my list of names in about 2 weeks. I'm so excited! They ask you for your preference (male/female) and I chose women. You also get to select the region(s) and I chose United Kingdom, Eastern and Western Europe. I should get about 12 names of other women who want to write to someone in the US. Then they will also pass my name along to other women who join that want someone from the US, so I have the possibility of getting 24 names right off the bat. Will see how it transpires and I'll keep you posted! BTW, if any of you know where I can download and use for free a virtual world map with push-pin capability, please let me know!

Ok, I'm glad you all agree that the video/song SUCKED. I still can't believe he won. I don't even think he is attractive. In many of those video shots he looks very feminine to me! I am wondering about two possible angles that John Rich was thinking when he chose this guy. Birdman hit on one - the Latino angle. I agree that they push their culture on to us which is a huge turnoff. You have to understand, when I was in school I was an avid student of Spanish. I was actually in an advanced class by the time I reached my Jr year. There were 8 of us that had been together since 1st grade. I lived in Mexico for awhile and I felt like I got a good grasp of that culture. It is VERY different than what I see going on today. They are a proud people (not to sound so cliche) but there was never this forcing of their way of life down your throat as it seems to be today. There was a bit of a mystique about the language for Americans back then. I think John Rich is using this guy's ethnicity to try and reach out to the Hispanic fans.

The second angle is that he seems to have a fan following of young girls. Not that there aren't enough young guys in country music today for the girls to fall all over! I can think of ten right off the bat. Just knowing he was the 'winner' makes me want to watch the series in its entirety to figure out how this happened, but I'm not sure I could stand the drama of the reality show!!!

Mama, thanks for noticing the nostalgic cowgirl pics I posted! I think they are neat. I have always said I was born way too late. At one time I thought I would have been a pony express rider if I had been alive then. They rode hard and fast and it was not an easy job, but with my love of snail mail and horses, I think I could have made it happen in spite of being a girl! They were pretty hard on their horses though, so I probably would have been shot!

Song of the Day: "Love Don't Live Here Anymore" by Lady Antebellum. This is a new trio that just hit the country music scene. They sound pretty good. Two guys and girl. Not sure where the name came from though.. Might have to look that up!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Time change sucks hind tit

Would you like me to tell you how I really feel about this friggin time change??? Or does that title say it all? Man, I woke up this morning and thought to myself, "There is no friggin way it's time for me to get up!" But it was. The alarm clock might be f'd up but no way the Verizon cell phone is. I felt like a zombie getting in the shower and then attempting to dry my hair. I'm not even sure I really match today!!! I heard on the radio yesterday that for two weeks your body is trying to figure this out. Combine that with every other living soul across the country and you've got a recipe for disaster. This morning as I was driving in I was being extra careful because 1) I wasn't really awake and 2) I figured no one else was either. Sure enough, I watched cars swerving into other lanes, stop suddenly when they realized they were approaching a red light - just stuff like that. A claims adjuster's nightmare.

I know none of you probably follow anything on the Country music channels, but they had this reality show called "Gone Country". Have you heard of it? John Rich (from the duo Big & Rich) was the host. Basically what the format was they took non-country music singers and tried to make them into a country singer. Now, I didn't follow the show because as a rule I despise reality shows, but yesterday I saw the winner had been determined and I could view their new country video! I had to check it out. John Rich selected singer Julio Iglesias, Jr. Honestly, it is probably one of the worst if not the WORST video I have ever seen or song I have ever heard - across any genre. It certainly is not country by any stretch of the imagination. I look at the video and try to figure out was he really the BEST candidate or was John Rich drunk or high or suffering from pre-time change syndrome?? According to the country music station I listen to on my way to work, John was definitely under the influence of SOMETHING. Here is a link to the video. I warn you - it sucks big time. As a country music fan I am embarrassed!!!!

Sorry, I couldn't figure how the hell to inbed the video. If after watching this you feel the need to poke your eyes out with a fork, I can't say I blame you.

Let's move on....

OK, I am not going to say much about this but I have to at least comment... I am not happy about any of the candidates for President. I am curious to know who McCain will select as his running mate. If he were smart I think he would choose Huckabee, since he was my first choice for President. I also like Ron Paul, even though he apparently is just so not a team player for the political parties he really had some good ideas. Hey, I would love nothing more for the Dems cries of "I will get us out of debt and out of Iraq" to be a reality, but who are they kidding? It's not that easy and everyone knows that. I'm not happy about Hillary being in charge of my health care either. And I'm not convinced Obama is the right man for this job - period.

I mentioned this to Mama yesterday and she thinks I'm nuts. Maybe I am. What do you think? Years ago (1985-1991) I had 24 pen friends from all over the world. I loved writing to these people. They were so amazing and interesting. You can imagine that keeping up with 24 people was very time consuming - it's all done thru snail mail. Being the OCD type personality I am, I kept a very meticulous record of each, making a copy of the letters I sent to them so I would know when I heard back from them what I had written, had a world map with push-pins - you catch my drift. For some reason I have had the bug to do this again. I found out the agency is still very much alive with now over 7 million members. Do I go for it or am I asking for trouble? Do I wait until I am settled in Ohio?

Song of the Day: "Living Hard" by Gary Allen. Title song of his new CD. The line out of it that rocks is "Rolling like a stone, startin to look like Dylan". How do they think of this stuff??

Monday, March 10, 2008

How do you like me now?

I hope you guys remember Maxine, the horse. She is the mare I sent to CO to the professional clinician after she lost her own horse to an accident. Kathleen worked with Max for a little while and then because she is on the road so much passed her on to a good friend of hers name Shannon. Shannon had also recently lost her mare and gladly took Maxine in. I recently got a photo of Max (now called Sandy) and wanted to share. Doesn't she look amazing?? I cannot believe how beautiful her coat color is. My heart aches that I wasn't able to keep her, but it is also smiling because obviously she is quite happy and Shannon has done well by her.

Yesterday's BBQ / Matchmaker gig went pretty well. M is an awesome guy. I have often said both to myself and publicly that if I wasn't with my DH I would be with M. Now that's not to say M would even want to be with me, but you catch my drift. He arrived first and at first he seemed a little stressed about his life in general. After a few beers though he finally seemed to relax and was the old M we all know and love. He had no idea we were putting the two of them together to see how it went. We kept that a secret and figured we would just see what happened. K showed up with two bottles of wine and we all settled in for some chit chat. K's complaints about men in the past deal strictly with how she can't seem to find a smart one. She has her Masters and teaches autistic kids. We think she met her match in M. He is not only book smart, but he is also current events smart, politically savvy and funny as well. A perfect match for her. He is not emotionally available right now I don't think. He is hesitating in ending his marriage because he is a nice guy. They are no longer living as man/wife and she knows a divorce is immenent. It's just a matter of time. K invited him to her 4th of July bash and he did accept. It was just a friendly evening with some good food, good conversation and a few beers and music.

The daughter loved her new dig camera. Our youngest got a treat because K let him drive her 5 series BMW for a bit. We took pics of him and he put them on his MySpace. She said he could say it was his new car. LOL He was in heaven.

Well, it's Monday and that means the start of another work week. We can do this! Time change or no time change - we can make it thru! On that note...

SONG OF THE DAY: "Workin For a Livin" by Garth Brooks w/ Huey Lewis!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Saturday and Snow Virgins

Today was a good day. Got up and had fresh brewed coffee and fresh baked cinnamon rolls. Yummy. Afterwards went to the feed store where I perused thru the ads - puppies, horses, fencing, puppies, trailers, puppies. Hmmmm. Didn't pick up a puppy but did buy two bales of Alfalfa hay for the girls. Got to the barn and hand grazed the horses for 30 minutes. Currently the grass and weeds are up to their bellies and I try and let them hand graze about 30 minutes every chance I get. They love it and its the closest they will get to free grazing probably until we get to Ohio. After I turned them out in the pasture (which doesn't have as much grass/weeds) and then commenced to mucking out pens. Yep, I said "muck". Mama and I love that word. Tehehe! Then it was off to one of the DH's clients house in Canyon Lake where we were picking up a free recliner. Seems B & L bought three and one of them has a handle on the right side to make it recline. Neither of them can use that one, they can only use the ones that you push back to recline. So they gave us the recliner. Nice! Matches our current new furniture almost perfectly. It will be the DH's. I will use the couch downstairs. The chair will go in our bedroom next to my side of the bed and the loveseat/chaise is in the loft - where I do most of my crocheting.

While we were at B & L's they served us lunch, which consisted of a P&B sandwich, apple and a granola bar. Oh, and skim milk. L made the P&B sandwiches an odd way... PB, bosenberry jam and then also butter. It was tasty, but I have never seen them made that way? Have you?

It never ceases to amaze me how friendly these older people are that my DH works for. They seem to be starving for the attention and love it when we visit. My DH makes it a point to "drop in" on his clients every so often and this endears him to them like you can't believe. L introduced me to a new craft called Swedish weaving. It's a way of taking yarn and monk cloth and creating the most beautiful designs. Now, I admit I need another hobby like I need another hole in my head. I can't resist being creative. Besides - it's related to crocheting because it uses yarn, so I am keeping it in the general category of yarnwork, right?? (See how I justified that??)

When we got home I immediately took a nap. I was so tired - one of those where you can barely make it to the couch or bed before you are asleep. I slept for almost two hours. When I woke up the DH and I got showered and dressed and went for a wonderful steak dinner and then we went to Best Buy to buy our daughter (J) a dig camera for her 22nd bday - which we are celebrating tomorrow with good friends M and K. M & K have never met, but we are hoping they hit it off. :-)

We have a virus on our home PC and it's pretty much driving me berzerk, so I am currently trying to get rid of it. We bought a new Dell in January and forbid our son to get on it. We gave him the old Dell which he has in his room. We thought for sure without him on it we wouldn't have to worry about this crap, but lo and behold the DH got an email from a buddy that had some porn and bam! Grrrrrrr.

While we were experiencing 70 degree weather, my family in OH was in a blizzard. Yes, a blizzard. According to my relatives they have gotten about 10 inches of snow. My sister hates snow. Refering to it as White Death. She sent me a text this morning letting me know she was shoveling her driveway. I asked her why she was shoveling and she sent me a text back that said, "Only a snow virgin would ask that." Snow Virgin???? She cannot be serious?? Just because I have been out of that weather for many years doesn't mean I'm a virgin!!!! And if I am does that make her a Snow Slut????? Either way I am so damn envious. The last blizzard we had was in 1978. I remember it well. Drifts so high our front door was completely covered. It was awesome. I think school was out for an entire week.

Friday night I went to my first knitting/crocheting club meeting at the local yarn store. I arrived around 5:30 and found myself sitting between two sisters a little older than myself around a large table filled with baskets of yarn, patterns, and cookies. There was such a variety of women, but we all have one thing in common and that's yarn. Most were knitters and most were working on things like sweaters or shrugs. I wasn't sure I was liking it at first, but the longer I sat and the more I talked to the two sisters, the more I started to relax and enjoy the comraderie. They only meet once a month and every time they hold a raffle. I got a call today that I had won the raffle grand prize. Not sure what that is, but I'm hoping to pick it up tomorrow! How fun is that??

It's great to be back. I have missed you all and have missed blogging!

SONG OF THE DAY: "Watching Airplanes" by Gary Allen.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Back-dated: March 5, 2008 - DID I EVER REALLY LEAVE?

This morning felt like old times. Morning routine, stop at Sbux and arrive at work. Got my laptop this morning and am in the process of requesting the software I will need. My new job is working on the HRIT team. "HR" is ginormous in this company. 60,000 people strong - you can imagine the manpower efforts and subsequent nightmares involved. My new boss (for lack of a better term) "H" is really a neat person. She started the same week I did as a developer of sorts and moved in this new role sort of by accident. She really made a name for herself and was brought on as an FTE in July 07. She is smart, funny and personable. She does a lot and I was brought in to try and make her life a little easier. Big shoes to fill. I want to do a good job to perhaps pave the way for them to keep me longer.

I cannot continue without first expressing my disappointment with this company though. I felt extremely let down when there was not an FTE spot for me and I was let go. I actually interviewed for an IS BA position with "H" and was selected, but the 2008 budget stopped them making me an offer. I interviewed two additional times. One for a BA role with doc control. I wasn't selected. The second was as a PM on an ongoing labeling project. Again, I was not selected. They chose someone with more PM experience. I was hurt by that rejection but figured it must be for the best. Yesterday I ran into the former PM and I must admit I had a great deal of satisfaction when he told me the new PM wasn't doing so hot. "Oh, too bad", I told. "Well, I hope it gets better." Of course, I didn't mean it. Inside I was jumping up and down.

However, the real kicker was finding out the old Admin Assistant was replaced with an Admin that had been out on disability for about 15 months. Rather than letting the AA go, they decided to keep her and train her as an analyst. WTF?????

Now that Ohio is probably a 2008 'thought' I really need to get back into the mindset of working for at least another year. Not easy. I was really looking forward to retirement - horses, crocheting, working on our place, etc.... Stupid housing market.

Back-dated: March 4, 2008 - BACK TO WORK AND CROWN

Today was my first day back to the work since Dec 21st. No, I never got brought on as an FTE and yes, that was quite a while to not be working. If things hadn't been up in the air during the entire time I could have enjoyed myself. I could have relaxed and gotten much more out of my "vacation" of sorts... But the constant worry in the back of my head as to whether I'd be brought back was a nagging pain in my ass. So was the DH. He would tell me to "Enjoy my day" and then every day he would get a migraine from worrying about our financial situation. He would wake up in the morning and tell me how horribly he slept and ask if any job offers had come down the pike. Then, inevitably, on his way out the door to go to work he would say, "Have a great day! Try and enjoy your time off!" Uh, yeah...riiiiiiiiiight.

So, now I'm back. In a different role. I will be assisting "H" with production issues regarding HR with relation to their user accounts for accessing some different applications (training, compensation, etc). Basically working help desk tickets and being a liaison between HR and IT when needed. I am still a contractor and this is scheduled to be only a 2 month gig. I did get a $13/hr raise so I'm not bitching about a damn thing.

I used to boo-hoo anyone who complained about going to the dentist. I couldn't understand what the big deal was and why they so hated going. This morning I made my 4th trip for a crown. The same crown. It was a Lava crown - high end sucker. Guaranteed to last. I cracked it somehow - much to the amazement of my dentist. So he took some xrays, did some drilling and filing, took some impressions, packed my tooth and put on a temporary. Oh yeah, and the numbing. How can I forget that?? Three weeks later I go back from my new Lava crown. But the new one didn't fit. More numbing, more xrays, packing, impressions. A few weeks later and I return for my new Lava. Only this time it not only doesn't fit, it's not even a Lava. My dentist was not happy with his lab. More numbing, xrays, pack-oh you get the idea. Today was supposed to be THE DAY. You guessed it - not right yet again. By this time my dentist is ready to give up his practice and retire by the lake or at the very least fire his lab crew. After numbing, xrays, filing, poking & prodding (my tooth Birdman), yet again more impressions he decided that perhaps a Lava is not the right crown. So next time I go in I am getting one made from 99.9% gold. Covered in something white.. The dentist is also throwing in some extra goodies, like a free whitening, etc. I go back on the 20th.

In other news; house is off the market, OH move is on hold, youngest son is on track to graduate in June, oldest son is divorced and in love again, second oldest son still hasn't talked to us (over a year now), daughter is doing well, horses are awesome and marriage is going well.

Bret Favre announced his retirement today. What a class act.

I'm back - in more ways than one

OK, I'm back. Not only blogging, but also to work. My apologies to all for my absence. I'm certain it was difficult to carry on without hearing about the ins and outs and woes of my pitiful existence.

As I mentioned I am also back to work. After a very long hiaitus (Dec 21st - March 4th) I am back working for the same company, doing a different job. It is a temporary two month gig. With luck it will turn into something longer. My bank account would appreciate that.

I have missed blogging. Not only as a source for venting and expression (who am I kidding?), but to keep up with all of you and be entertained. (Now that's the truth) I am going to do my best to catch up with all of you via your blogs. I doubt I comment, save for the most recent ones.

I will be updating my blog site as I have time... I know, I know - right now it's ugly and boring. I have some news pics and ideas I want to incorporate. Why the new blog rather than returning to the old? I think it was compromised by the DH's ex. Grrrrr. So all of my references to people, places and things will be done as covertly as possible. My military training will be put to the test yet again.

Song of the Day: "(Just Too Busy) Being Fabulous" - The Eagles