Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm back - in more ways than one

OK, I'm back. Not only blogging, but also to work. My apologies to all for my absence. I'm certain it was difficult to carry on without hearing about the ins and outs and woes of my pitiful existence.

As I mentioned I am also back to work. After a very long hiaitus (Dec 21st - March 4th) I am back working for the same company, doing a different job. It is a temporary two month gig. With luck it will turn into something longer. My bank account would appreciate that.

I have missed blogging. Not only as a source for venting and expression (who am I kidding?), but to keep up with all of you and be entertained. (Now that's the truth) I am going to do my best to catch up with all of you via your blogs. I doubt I comment, save for the most recent ones.

I will be updating my blog site as I have time... I know, I know - right now it's ugly and boring. I have some news pics and ideas I want to incorporate. Why the new blog rather than returning to the old? I think it was compromised by the DH's ex. Grrrrr. So all of my references to people, places and things will be done as covertly as possible. My military training will be put to the test yet again.

Song of the Day: "(Just Too Busy) Being Fabulous" - The Eagles

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