Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy

And my happiness continues to bubble. Can't quite figure out why I am so damn happy, but I'm not complaining! Everything just feels really good right now. Work, marriage, hobbies - everything.

I came in to work in the most casual of attire. My barn jeans (they are clean), a barn tshirt underneath my favorite corduroy shirt. :D I have a reason though. Around 8:30 I am going to drive over and turn the horses out for the remainder of the day. I know they will enjoy being in the pasture, grazing like horses like to do.

Yesterday I had a slew of help desk tickets to update forms on our Company page. It was so friggin cool. I got the hang of it and in no time was whipping them out with speed and accuracy! I am so enjoying it. Also found out yesterday this gig should last at least thru the end of July, if not thru the end of Oct! Woohoo!

So with that in mind I am starting to shop for my truck!!!!!!!

Will it be the 3500?

Or perhaps the 1500 Hemi?

SONG OF THE DAY: "Goodbye-Goodbye" by Oingo Boingo. I forgot how many good songs these guys have!

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birdman said...

jesus christo on the truck!!! I am jealous.....