Sunday, March 16, 2008

Beating and $700

Man, did I take a beating for my long post yesterday! Sorry guys! I won't get diarhea of the mouth again. Or would that be diarhea of the fingers? Whatever. I won't do that to you again.

Last night we went for lasagna at Filipi's. We had avoided it for awhile because the last trip there the lasagna was luke warm. Ick. But we were craving it and they have the best, so we went. It was amazing. I'm not sure why it's so good. Could be they smother it with marinara sauce until it looks like you have a mountain on your plate. Could be the warm Italian bread and the way the butter soaks into it. Could be the four inch meatballs. Yummmmmmmy.

Afterwards the DH and I decided to "go out" and decided we could each spare $100 out of our stashes and went to Pechanga to make a deposit. We figured it would be crowded and it was. But we managed to get seats at our favorite machine (Big Shots) where we both commenced to win. Not only did we leave with the $200 we brought in, but we went home with an extra $700. After playing for 4 hours, we called it a night. That was awesome.

Today promises to be a lazy day. The clouds overhead don't look like rain clouds, but the temps are still chilly. We are just kicking back, surfing the net and doing some laundry. Might work on the web page; then again, might not.

SONG OF THE DAY: "Home" by Blake Shelton. This is a cool song. Different for Blake in a lot of ways, but at the same time I have always thought he is way under rated as a singer. It is a remake of the Michael Buble song, but I think he does a great job. Not only that, but is GF, Miranda Lambert sings on the song with him. It's my new theme song for getting to Ohio.

You can check out the audio here:

Look for where it says "Start Listening" and click on that link. WARNING: Birdman, it might be painful to your punk ears.

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