Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hump Day

This has been a really long week - or is it just me? I woke up this morning thinking it was Thursday.

Couple things going on in my world I wanted to share:

  • Baseball season opened in Japan. Used to be that Opening Day was ALWAYS in Cincinnati in honor of the oldest team - Redlegs. So much for tradition. But alas, baseball season is back and that is always a good thing. Go Reds. We are going to see the Reds play the Padres for the DH's birthday in May. We are going as a family! Should be fun.

  • My Mom is coming out for two weeks in June. She is mostly coming out for our son's graduation, but spending a little extra time just to visit. I'll probably arrange to take some time off then. Maybe we'll do a road trip to Vegas? Who knows?

  • I think I'll include my search for a new ride to include the Toyota Tundra. I really like the look of this truck. Ironically this is the exact color I want:

  • Still no list of pen friends.. That totally bummed me out yesterday. I'm hopeful the list will arrive today though!

  • Starbucks is featuring a Latin America coffee this week that is worth trying. It's called Guatemala Antigua. Look for this sticker/label:

Metzvah is still lagging. I have noticed lately he is taking a lot of crap lately for his opinions on the music world. Realizing its just that - his opinions - I do take it for what it's worth. I continue to read his newsletter because I like to keep up with music in general and in a way he does provide that. Inbox: 2 / Read: 9

IPOD SONG OF THE DAY: "Mouth" by Bush. I've been a long time Bush fan. I am looking forward to their new release scheduled for 2009.

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