Friday, March 7, 2008

Back-dated: March 5, 2008 - DID I EVER REALLY LEAVE?

This morning felt like old times. Morning routine, stop at Sbux and arrive at work. Got my laptop this morning and am in the process of requesting the software I will need. My new job is working on the HRIT team. "HR" is ginormous in this company. 60,000 people strong - you can imagine the manpower efforts and subsequent nightmares involved. My new boss (for lack of a better term) "H" is really a neat person. She started the same week I did as a developer of sorts and moved in this new role sort of by accident. She really made a name for herself and was brought on as an FTE in July 07. She is smart, funny and personable. She does a lot and I was brought in to try and make her life a little easier. Big shoes to fill. I want to do a good job to perhaps pave the way for them to keep me longer.

I cannot continue without first expressing my disappointment with this company though. I felt extremely let down when there was not an FTE spot for me and I was let go. I actually interviewed for an IS BA position with "H" and was selected, but the 2008 budget stopped them making me an offer. I interviewed two additional times. One for a BA role with doc control. I wasn't selected. The second was as a PM on an ongoing labeling project. Again, I was not selected. They chose someone with more PM experience. I was hurt by that rejection but figured it must be for the best. Yesterday I ran into the former PM and I must admit I had a great deal of satisfaction when he told me the new PM wasn't doing so hot. "Oh, too bad", I told. "Well, I hope it gets better." Of course, I didn't mean it. Inside I was jumping up and down.

However, the real kicker was finding out the old Admin Assistant was replaced with an Admin that had been out on disability for about 15 months. Rather than letting the AA go, they decided to keep her and train her as an analyst. WTF?????

Now that Ohio is probably a 2008 'thought' I really need to get back into the mindset of working for at least another year. Not easy. I was really looking forward to retirement - horses, crocheting, working on our place, etc.... Stupid housing market.


birdman said...

BOUT TIME!!!! Soooo gooood to have you hack wrider!!

THe world is a crazy place anint it.. . sorry job and ohio has not been going to plan... but hey - I'll bet something good comes out of it....

Our PM suck big time.... you can always come back!!!!

I see the family had some exctiing things goin on.....

Hope you are happy and look forwards to more from you!!

the mama said...

I agree with Birdman - ABOUT DAMN TIME!! I am glad that you are back.

We have had numerous discussions about what a mess our lives are... we will get there, we have to practice patience... I know it is a crock of sh*t!!

divorced and already in love again??? i have been single for 18 months and nothing close to that. Man, i must be a real winner! LOL

imaaudioslave said...

I agree with all the above and Welcome back!!!

Wrider II said...

Mama - please do not compare your wise love life practices with my knucklehead son's. He is in way over his head. He thinks he isn't someone until someone loves him.