Tuesday, April 1, 2008

It's a grind

This morning I went off my normal routine and stopped at It's A Grind instead of Starbucks. I've had their coffee before and wasn't impressed, but just to sort of shake things up I decided to stop again. I do like their pastry selection better than Starbucks, but by and far Starbucks coffee totally kicks ass over theirs. The guy behind the counter was also pretty rude. I guess I am so used to the friendliness of the Starbucks employees that this guy's attitude was just a thorn in my side. Atmosphere really is everything.

I didn't get a list yesterday. I'm really disappointed and I'm just trying to be patient. I am going to give IPF until next week to deliver and then I will have to write them a letter. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

Today is the start of what we are calling Horse Day. After work I am going straight to the ranch to work/ride/enjoy Dolly. I must admit I have been slacking off in my riding. It was just an excuse. I was really in the mindset I was going to be moving and know that when we are in Ohio I will be able to ride every day. Now that we are here for another year, I really need to just stop being a baby and get back in the saddle and ride my horse. So today is the first Horse Day! We will be working on sidepassing and then to opening and closing gates while in the saddle. This is a great tool to have for any horseman. It also makes for a really nice horse because once you have a horse that will allow you to do this, there really isn't much you can't do while in the saddle. After we have mastered that I will start throwing a rope from the saddle. That works up to roping objects and then dragging them (like a downed tree) behind her. This is all part of a well rounded ranch horse and that's our goal. I'm pretty stoked about starting today.

We bought a docking station for our IPod so now that sits home most of the time and I have been forced to use Yahoo Radio while at work. Today I am listening to The Coffeehouse station, which for the most part isn't bad. It takes some getting used to on my part. Some songs sound so much alike. Don't get me wrong - I like most of it. There are a lot of guy singers on this station.

The DH got a small trailer from one of his clients. It's a two wheeled trailer framed in wood. It's pretty old looking right now, but we are going to sand it down, paint it, replace the wood siding and put in all new lights, etc. It's a cool thing because both of us think it's one step closer to being on our own place.

Metzvah must be in hibernation or something. The score is Inbox: 5 / Read: 9

Yahoo Radio Station Song of the Day: "Brother Down" by Sam Roberts.


imaaudioslave said...

who is the DH?!?!

Wrider II said...

DH=Darling Husband

imaaudioslave said...

ooooh I thought it was dumb horse