Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Had dinner with the DH at Chuey's tonight. Love hitting that spot. Beer is always cold as hell and the chow is decent, too. Always reminds me of Harley's and bikers and that's never a bad thing.

Son went to the Padres game with the neighbors. Can you tell how concerned he is about retaking his ASVAB on Thursday? Yeah...studying, my ass. OK, so he is an 03-walk-a-lot. Whatever. Not my feet that has to force march all those miles. I did my time.

Work was cool today. Didn't too much visible stuff but did quite a lot behind the scenes. Been trying to update the company directory. There's only 60,000 employees. That should be fairly easy, right? Do you have any idea how many people move around??? Geez Louise. Got word this contract should last thru August for certain. After that, who knows? Maybe I'll be searching again for employment in O-H and a dime! Just in time for Fall and Winter. Woohoo! If we can just survive another summer here we'll be OK.

Our old mare is starting to look her age. We both noticed it so we have decided to start her on daily supplements of yucca and glycozomine (sp?). It's pricey but I think it will make her more comfortable. We want her to survive the trip to OH where she will be retired forever. We'll worry about picking up another horse once we are back there for the DH. He still has his heart set on an Appy.

Picked up a new head rope today. It's 30' long and is soft rope. I'm hoping it's easy to throw. The DH is going to make me a cow of sorts to throw a rope on. Here's a pic of my rope.

The DH spent the day replacing every light switch in the house today for those flat switches. They look awesome! Next is the granite counters, new sink and faucet for the kitchen.

Metzvah is back to work... Bum... Inbox: 20 / Read: 10

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Crashed" by Daughtry


birdman said...

ahh - no motivation... you cant force it - that sucks.. BTW we non-military people have no idea what this means: "OK, so he is an 03-walk-a-lot"...???

Is that like cetyl-m for the joints?? works good on dogs.

I thought you were not wnating ot spend money??? now your dumping the cash in???

damn that man is sexy!!! hahahahaha

the mama said...

Thank you Birdman -- cuz I had no clue was 03-walk-a-lot meant either.

isn't that the same song as yesterday???

i do like me some HOT Daughtry!