Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Aligning the heavens, Buckeyes in CA, Results of Horse Day and IPF

What a busy morning already! Work has started off with a bang! Lots of issues to resolve and that's good because that means learning is occurring. I love to learn! I love this job.

Was I mistaken or did I read in Audio's blog he is returning to the Merc? As a Sr Config-something? Woohoo! Great news! Good for you!

My sister is considering moving out here to CA. Now I have been trying to talk her into doing this for years. So then we decide to move back there and now she is considering moving out here? I give up. Live where ever the hell you want to!

Our daughter is also considering a move - to Texas. She is in a rut and wants a change and figures since she is young now is the time. I couldn't agree more but I am not certain Texas is the answer, but what do I know?

The first Horse Day was awesome. Dolly and I did ground work. First I have to tell you that I had to kill a Black Widow the size of a freakin quarter in order to get to my lunge line ( a long cotton rope used for ground work ). That's how long it's been since I used it. Shame on me. Anyways, Dolly did really well for the first time out. We worked on disengaging the hindquarters, which is a critical movement for when I want to maneuver her to let me open a gate. We did some stretching exercises and finished with a good rubdown. She got the rubdown, not me. :-)

Still no list from IPF. I was sad, but too tired yesterday to really be sad for too long as I fell asleep pretty early. Today as the sun came up I had renewed hope that I would get my list today in the mail!

SONG OF THE DAY: "Watching Airplanes" by Gary Allan. Yeah, this is a repeat. Sorry. I've got things on my mind that shouldn't be. This song helps me handle that.


birdman said...

scroll down wrider -- you missed and forgot it was APRIL FOOL'S!!!!


i love your "live wherever the hell you want" frustration.

it always works that way don't it.

TX aint taht bad - I am sure it depends where

*Your Mom* said...

Hello hello!! Trying to get back into the groove. Glad you had a great horse day and that you still love your job! Life is much easier when you do.

Ditto on the "Live wherever the hell you want" lol

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