Sunday, April 6, 2008

Easy like Sunday morning..

I actually slept in this morning. Something I very rarely do. I suppose after getting up for so many years before the sun comes up is now ingrained in my being. I don't mind it. I am a morning person, but sleeping in this morning was a nice treat. The DH woke me up with a cup of coffee. THAT was very nice.

Yesterday we had a great time. We went to the ranch and the goal was to ride those two horses. We often say we have to remind them what they are and that they aren't just hamsters in a cage. LOL Dolly was true to form yesterday. I knew she was up so I lunged her before I rode. I saddled her up and she was like a bucking bronco. Rearing, bucking and doing her best to get that saddle off. I always say "Pretty is as pretty does". She is a gorgeous horse and I feel very lucky to have her. After all her carrying on I suppose people would wonder why on earth I would actually want to try and ride her, but I couldn't wait to get in the saddle. She was still up and prancing all over. The DH and I methodically rode in a large circle until finally she started to breathe and walk on a loose rein. I really thought I might come off her yesterday, but I didn't. I wasn't in the mood to be thrown and be injured again!

We also had a fire in our pit last night. We had a bucket of scrap wood to burn and we used up all of it. It was so nice sitting in the cool night air with the fire blazing. We were outside for a little more than two hours, using up the entire bucket of wood. (It was a big bucket) That might be why I slept so well. I was so relaxed from watching the fire I couldn't even crochet last night.

For the first time I heard someone say something smart after winning the lotto. Some guy in Livonia, MI won the Mega Millions lotto. He accepted a lump sum payout and after taxes I think he got like $59 million. This guy has been working for Ford for years and when he found out he had won told his boss, "I'm outta here!"

Well, the DH and I were pretty pissed off this morning when our son decided to tell us he won't be taking the ASVAB test tomorrow because he has been waiting for a month for his recruiter to send him the paperwork to take it and it hasn't come in the mail yet. We were so mad we wanted to explode, but all we did was get in the truck and go over to ride. We are still not happy with him and he knows it. He has disappeared for the day playing on a friend's PC. Just what a responsible 18 year old should be doing, right? Not job hunting. Not studying his ASVAB. Nope, gaming.


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imaaudioslave said...

I didn't took I'z ASVAB and looks what great I'z terned out bee

I have to ask...did he put cream in the coffee hehe..