Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Great SCOTT! Boot camp???

So I found this new boot camp academy in town. Thought I'd give it a shot to help me break that barrier and get back to marathon strength. Tonight is my first class. The trainer (Cathy) guarantees a tough workout. She uses a treadmill - which is right up my alley. I'll let you know how it goes!

Work has been busy. Tickets come in on a regular basis and I have also been assigned to complete and present the weekly status update every Monday. I finally got my VPN access so now I can work from home should the urge hit me and lately, it has been hitting me pretty hard.

I feel like I have hit a wall physically. I am extremely tired, not just mentally but physically. Not like me. I am going to have my meds checked out to make sure my levels are where they should be. When I stand up I sometimes get this wave that runs through me. It's an odd feeling - and that's the best way to describe it - feels like waves inside my body.

Have any of you ever watched or heard of the movie called "Take the Lead"? It has Antonio Banderas in it. He plays this real life ballroom dancer (can't think of his name) that comes to a high school in New York and volunteers to supervise the detention class, which turns out to be the school's delinquents. No one has had much luck in the past with them. It's a little corny around the edges, but it does have some good parts. It's a feel good movie.

Are you male bloggers out there fans of the movie "Kingdom of Heaven"?

I brought my IPod back to work with me today. I just couldn't stand the on again/off again tuning with Yahoo! stations. So the song of the day is: "Piano Man" by Billy Joel.


birdman said...

you have to go all military again on us don't ya!! hahaha

good for you - keep it up

I understand the work thing... still there myself - not a lot of motivation going... but we work through it.

Not down with Take the lead but I loved Kingdom of Heaven!! movie rocks..

the BJ man huh??? not to into him.

the mama said...

i still think orlando bloom is greasy looking and in dire need of a shower...

not into billy joel, either. s

*Your Mom* said...

Boot camp, eh? Good luck with that. I know my lazy ass wouldn't survive!

That is scary about your 'waving' issues. hope you feel better, maybe the boot camp with help?

imaaudioslave said...

Never heard of any of those movies...

I am a fan however of Piano Man. Love that song