Thursday, April 3, 2008

Sin City and Sirens

Let me just start off by saying I'm sorry for being such a knucklehead and not catching on to everyone's blogs of late. Not sure what's going on - either I'm not reading well or nothing is registering. What a dork!

That being said there is only one thing to get me out of this funk and that's a roadtrip to Sin City!!! You heard me - the DH and I decided whilst in the shower this morning to say "Screw it!" So we made reservations and are heading to Vegas today around 3! Woohoo!!! Can't wait!!!

I stopped into Starbucks this morning and right off the bat I noticed their sleeves were different. Sleeves (for all you non-Starbucks peeps) are the recycled cardboard thingys they put on their drinks when the cups are too hot to hold. They are white with a brown logo - or siren as it's called. Upon closer investigation, I noticed the Siren itself is also changed!! According to the girl behind the counter they are going back to their old siren. I had to do a little research but I managed to find all three. Here you go:
As you can see this one is quite risque. They actually stopped using this one to avoid any controversy over their store logo. So they switched to this one:
Still didn't satisfy the conservative crowd, so that's when they ended up using the one most of us are familiar with:

I must admit I am surprised they would revert back to the original, although I think it's cool and it is my favorite. One thing to note the new old version says "Starbucks * Fresh Roasted Coffee*" It doesn't say "Coffee Tea Spices".

In honor of the day it seems only fitting to have the SONG OF THE DAY as "Viva Las Vegas" by the King, Elvis Presley.


*Your Mom* said...

CONGRATS on your spur of the moment trip!! Ah, to be free to do that!!! Have a blast!

the mama said...

the original siren is at the original starbucks in seattle.....