Friday, April 18, 2008

Odd week

It has been one of those weeks where you just want to cry out "Do over please!" and hope the second time around far exceeds the first time by a very long shot. I don't even know where to start.

The son retook his ASVAB on Thursday. The first time he took it he scored a 34. Six points shy of qualifying for the Coast Guard. My DH (being the former recruiter he is) suggested that he NOT retake the test because most that do end up with a lesser score. Of course, the son being 18 and invincible, knows everything - so opted to retake it. We did what every parent would do - went out and bought him books to study by. You know, "ASVAB for Dummies" and "How to Get the Score You Want on the ASVAB". There's a secret to these books though -- you have to open them and read them. Do I have to spell it out? Don't make me! OK - fine. He scored a whopping 25. After you've stopped laughing and shaking your heads in disbelief we'll go on.....

....Ready now? Good.

Wednesday evening the DH and I are not speaking. You know - one of those neat marital bliss type arguments where both of us are stubborn and RIGHT. Well, that gets interupted by a call from our daughter with news that no parent EVER wants to hear about their daughter. She was date raped. No, I'm not kidding. So now all of us are in this sort of place where - since we all know this guy - want to take justice in our own hands. Of course, that can't be done, so we have allowed the proper authorities to step in to handle. The daughter is frustrated because things are not moving quite fast enough for her.. I guess she expected it to be like an episode of Law & Order, where the case is solved and brought to trial in an hour. Explaining to her that that's not real life seems to fall on deaf ears. This tragedy is the only thing in her world and she can't understand why it's not #1 on the authorities list as well.

This has brought on unwanted email exchanges with her bio mom. I cannot tell you how annoying it is. She still feels the need to compete with me so no matter what I say in an email she has to counter it. She likes to pretend she is quite the writer and poetic somehow. She sounds like an idiot most of the time and shallow - nothing I didn't know about her already. I try to be civil and cordial when replying - but don't offer up chit chat to stimulate a response from her. She turned it all around to her today stating she finally broke down and bawled all night over her baby's life being changed forever.

The DH said it best, I think.. He said we cannot allow this to change us so much because if it does, then it won. I agree with him. We have to deal with this and then move past it. The daughter is adamant about pressing charges against this POS and we are behind her 100%. We know it will probably get ugly before it gets better and I'm not sure who out of all of us is ready for that. I suppose time will tell.

The DH was scheduled to go out of town this weekend for a 4x4 trip. He cancelled that because the daughter wanted to hang with us this weekend - away from that area. Last night we decided a road trip was in order, so we are headed to Sin City tomorrow. Yeah, we are about that crazy. The oldest son is going to drive and meet us there tomorrow. We are staying for two nights, so will be home Monday to deal with the investigators. Until then we want to have some fun, drink some alcohol, make a deposit into the Bank of the Monte Carlo, take some pics for our family calendar and just try and have some fun. We are all excited about the trip. I will be drinking scotch as an escape to being someone else than me right now.
The youngest will remain behind since not being 21 in Vegas is really a lose/lose situation. He is working around the house making money for his prom - which is costing him $600. No, that's not a misprint and I didn't forget a decimal point. Tickets for him and his date are $190. Tux is $100. They are getting a room since the event is being held at The Grove in Anaheim. (Yeah, I'm over that, too). That is $185. Add gas to get there and money for dinner since the tickets to the prom don't include dinner and you are looking at a $600 evening. What a rip off.

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birdman said...

holy shit!! that is horrible.. I am sure keith - like I would be - wants to head over ahd beat the shit out of him!! so sorry to hear this crap.... I hope you at least get in his grill and scare the shit out of him.....

have fun in vegas and try to forget for a few hours.