Saturday, April 5, 2008

Saturday morning

Greetings. I am chilling this morning on my loveseat in the loft. The DH is on the home PC and I am on the work laptop. We have the IPod going on the new docking station player. We are the epitome of 2008 technology.

Vegas was fun. It was a whirlwind trip. We left Thursday around 3:30 hoping to be at the Monte Carlo by 7:30. Unfortunately there was a semi that caught fire on the northbound 15 just this side of Baker, just past Zzyzx Road. We went 9 miles in 90 minutes. That was a bummer, but after we passed the black spot on the freeway (which is all we got to see of the accident - so really it could have been an alien spaceship for all we know) the freeway opened up and we were in Vegas by 8:30. We got in our room and then headed to the casino. The DH was drinking Miller Lite and I opted for scotch and water. Yeah, it was cheap scotch and had too much water but what the hell? It was free and I was in that frame of mind where scotch was the only thing I had to connect my thoughts to. I figured I could hydrate while I got drunk thereby eliminating a possible hangover. It worked! We gambled for about 6 hours - losing what we came with. Again, what the hell? We then crashed for several hours and were awakened by construction. Right next to our Monte Carlo they are building this gigantic metropolis called City Centre. I think that's what it's called. Anyway, it was apparent we were not going to be able to sleep so we got up, hit Starbucks and then hit the road. We were actually home around 2 putting our trip to Vegas and back in a 24 hour window. Woohoo! That was fun!

Friday's mail brought me no pen friend list. I was extremely disappointed but too damn tired to dwell on it for long. Today my hopes are up for the mail lady to bring my long awaited list of new friends. Let's hope I'm not disappointed. If memory serves me we are working on over 3 weeks since I mailed off my application and they cashed my check. Perhaps out of 7 million members they are having trouble finding people that want to write to anyone in CA? I mean, if I lived in Ireland I sure as hell wouldn't want to write to anyone here. Or would I? Hmmm. Perhaps I don't know what I'm talking about.

The youngest son retakes his ASVAB test on Monday (April 7th). God, let's hope he scores high enough to get into the Coast Guard. If not, his options get very slim - Marines or Army. Neither of which are my first choice for him, but then again I can't live his life and perhaps that is his calling and his niche in life. He has to own his score and own his decisions. Either way I really am anxious for him to be out of the house and on his own. I have no doubt the military is the right move for him at this stage. It will be a steady income with a roof over his head and 3 squares a day. Other than that he's on his own.

I spent time again last night surfing other's peoples blogs and I am encouraged and not a little jealous how creative some people are. Not only with their blog sites but with their comments. I realized how much this society relies on the Internet and specifically on personal pages like blogs. For communication, for therapy, to keep in touch with family and friends, for business - whatever. It occurred to me that our little group is very unique and yet we are one of a million. I often think about how what we write and put out on the Internet is there forever and at times that worries me, but only because I wonder if anything I blog will somehow come back to bite me in the ass. Probably.

Last night I was working on Kevin's jarhead blanket -which is coming along - and listening to the TV. The DH had long been passed out from our 24 hour roadtrip. I put it on the Nova show which was telling about the satellite that went into orbit around Saturn and then sent a probe to the surface of Titan, one of Saturn's moons. I guess scientists have been looking for a Genesis of sorts - a place in which life as we know it doesn't yet exist but where life could start. Looks like Titan could be that place. Underneath the layer of clouds they discovered a planet with methane - just as they hoped. The first photo from the moon's surface taken by the probe was very interesting.

Today is a relaxing day. We will hang out here for a bit and then go to the ranch. We will ride our ponies, clean and feed them, then come home to make burgers on the grill. The DH and I decided tonight would be a good night to have a fire in our firepit out back.

IPOD SONG OF THE DAY: "Miami 2017 (Lights on Broadway)" by Billy Joel.


birdman said...

what is it with teh 15? there is always an accident.. it is like they plan it.... but you had a good time and that is what counts.

sending good luck for the kid to pass the test..... I hope he gets what he wants... and you!!!

I don't think we do anything that bad on the blog.... and I lie our group - makes you feel part of something... I like it

imaaudioslave said...

ZzyXX is the ShizzIttz..They need a ZzyXX out here and I would move on that road just to say I live on ZzyxX

*Your Mom* said...

Those vegas over night trips are the best! (That way you don't loose too much money :D) Sucks about the accident on the way up though.

GL to the kid on the test!