Monday, April 28, 2008

Where did the weekend go?

Was that a blur of a weekend or what? I don't remember doing much of anything except coming home Friday, taking some meds for a headache and then realizing yesterday that it was Sunday! I'm sure there was something in between but damned if I can remember any of it. I hate those kinds of weekends.
The last week of April. Unbelievable. May is a busy month for us all the way around. The DH's birthday is at the end of the month and I got tickets for the Reds/Padres game. The oldest son, the daughter and the youngest son (along with our bestest buddy Matt) will be attending. I am debating about whether to rent a limo for the ride down there. Beer at the stadium is so expensive and with five drinking adults of the six going, it seems like a good idea... But man, are they expensive and with the price of gasoline - whew! Will wait and see how the month goes.
We are putting new countertops, sink and faucet in the kitchen. We decided on granite - for both counters and sink. If you haven't seen the granite sinks at Lowes or HD, you should. I was thinking I would go with the traditional cast iron in a color, but after seeing the black granite sink my mind was made up. Check it out!
I love it - not sure why! Maybe because it is so different. I am still deciding on the faucet itself...although I am leaning towards this style:

Yeah - black on black. Well, the faucet is actually called Venetian Bronze. I think I am going for such a bold look because right now my countertops are white and I have the shiney faucet. I am so sick of both! Now I just have to choose the granite! That's the toughest decision, I think...

Saturday night 9-10 I was able to catch Daughtry on PBS's Soundstage. Awesome. I have to see him live, but I really prefer a small venue and not some huge stadium. I might be too late for that considering how popular he is now.

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birdman said...

so your kitchen is all "murdered out" ,.... are you gonna be on MTV Cribs?? hahhaha

the mama said...

get the limo.... that way you can all just get hammered and enjoy the day. then you can post about how you do not remember anything about the game!!