Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sin City never gets old

Although I LOST every single penny my husband WON, we still had fun in Vegas. There is just something about that town I can't get enough of. We stayed at the Monte Carlo again, only this time we were not comp'd. Kind of pissed us off but we'll survive. Next time we might try another hotel within the MGM Grand circle (The Mirage, Mandalay Bay, MGM, etc.). Will see what happens..

It was good to see the oldest son. He is doing ok. He is desperately looking for a new woman in his life. After getting divorced he seems to be on the hunt to find another worthy female to marry. He likes to play Poker, so he spent a good deal of time and money in the MC poker room.

The daughter is doing ok all things considered. She still hasn't heard anything regarding the investigation and that is frustrating for her. We explained she needs to be patient and let them do their job. She just wants the SOB to pay and I can't say I blame her one bit.

The youngest son is another story. He is headed out on his A$$ as soon as his graduation ceremony is over. He has zero motivation and zero initiative. After failing the ASVAB the second time the DH and I found a tutor that specializes in ASVAB testing. At $40/hr we are hesitant. We also told the youngest if he wants the tutor he will do what we tell him in regards to going out, studying etc. So he's dragging his a$$. Trust me, June 14 can't come soon enough. I just have to survive that long without killing the little POS.

IPOD SONG OF THE BLOG: "Leavin Las Vegas" by Sheryl Crowe


imaaudioslave said...

congrats on losing!

hey ya know...technical colleges don't require asvab...thats why i went there

birdman said...

yo know _ i like vegas but I dont gamble and I would never live there... I'd be an alcoholic.

Some kids need to learn the hard hard hard way....I would not pay for that tutor - he shows no motivation for it.