Thursday, September 10, 2009

Technology Fallout

Yesterday at work the Marines were instructed to take a server offline from the training classroom building which is about 50 yards from our large, two story building. The Marines cut the fiber connection and as a result we lost connectivity. Apparently the training classroom was our link to the fiber in the street. This morning we came in and found we are still unable to login so work has stopped for the most part. Civilian techs are on site attempting to get us back up but the outlook for it to happen today looks bleak.

We often say is a joking manner how we would love for our system to go down but then when it does we are bored out of our minds. We started a small football pool in our boredom. The Marines used this opportunity to break out the tactical firewalls. And it's loud. Because everyone is talking to each other instead of with their heads bured in a monitor. It's funny to see the transformation. The phone lines are still operational and haven't had a break since 0730 this morning. I wonder it will be like tomorrow...?

I'm almost finished with the my first Bengals bag. I love the way the colors came together. I hope it's a popular item at the craft fair. Looking at the calendar I have to guess I will be able to maybe finish only two more bags before I will need to ship to Ohio for the Oct fair. I'm guessing Saturday the 26th is ship day...

With that in mind I need to focus on the Dec fair and kicking out as much as I can. Ship date for that is Nov 28th. With luck I hope to have more bags with Bengals and UC Bearcats for the inventory as well as some scarves. Time is against me because of work but I'm trying to be realistic in my estimates.

Facebook has become a real entertainment factor for me, not to mention a tool to reconnect. An old GF of the DH's from 1983 got in touch with him. Same girl is also a friend of mine - unbeknownst to either of us. LOL

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Learn My Lesson" by Daughtry

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