Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ready for the weekend

How many times did I hear that today? Wow, too many to count! The Marines get a
"96" over Labor Day. That means a full 96 hours off. Tomorrow the Marines in my work section are competing in a unit softball tourney. So really tomorrow is just a screw off day, then they go out on libo until Wednesday. I loved being a Marine over the holidays. It was awesome to have time off to spend with friends and family. Now that I'm back working with the Marines we follow their lead - if they are off, so are we. Not always with pay mind you, but it's still nice to have the time off.

The weather here has been almost unbearable. We are used to a dry heat, but throw in a bit of humidity and we don't know what to do with ourselves. I thought it was moisture from Jimena - the hurricane in Baja - but I guess it's not.. Oh well, it would be nice to get some showers, but that's highly unlikely. The only thing this type of weather does produce is dry lightening which is NOT what we need in SoCal because of the threat of wildfires.

I am about 30 minutes away from completing the Martini bag. It's quite cute and I'm excited to put a price tag on it and move on to my next creation. Not quite sure yet what color yarn I will pick up, but I am leaning towards something bright and white. Talked about flying home in December to visit family and be part of the second craft fair with the hubby. He's all for it and might join me, but we decided not to purchase tickets until after the October craft sale. Just to see how things go...

I did a lot today. A lot of work. A lot of thinking. I wasn't thinking about work either. It's funny how your mind can play with you. One minute you are fine and the next you are close to tears. I just push it back down - not ready to let go just yet. Found out the week of Oct 5-9 I will be working as the Rover - which is what I was hired to do. The reps from Virginia will be out and we will be doing a physical walkthru and inventory of assets in the northern camps. Lots of walking and lots of new stuff. Should be fun. Get paid mileage too which is a nice plus.

This weekend I want to do an inventory of my current stash for the craft fair. Scarves, cloths and bags. I need to continue to get bags done. I figure it takes me approximately 24 hours to do one. Sadly I have to sleep or else I could probably get one done in 2.5 days rather than 5. The way I see it I can knock out another 4 bags before I have to ship.

Still waiting to hear from you guys... A couple have posted. I appreciate that, but where is everyone else?? Miss you guys!!

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