Sunday, September 6, 2009

Nuthin for a Sunday

Up early this morning. Although I didn't go physically to bed until after 2300 and didn't fall asleep until much later I woke up at 5am. I wasn't able to sleep anymore. The hubby was awake, too so after chatting for a bit we went to the grocery for some fresh donuts. He is having his cup of tea and I am having coffee. We will probably require a nap later on, but who cares? Isn't that what weekends were made for?

Speaking of which, the weekend is going by too quickly! Why does this always happen? I have so much to do and there is never enough time to do it in! The DH and I decided we wouldn't have anything "planned" for the weekend but just sort of shoot from the hip. I think this is more relaxing in a lot of ways and as the weekend approached we actually had things pop onto our calendar, so it's all chill.

Might go for a Harley run today and then wind up at the Beer Garden. Not sure if the guys will be there, but the band will and cold beer. That's really all that matters. We also talked about going for a horseback ride with the owners of the barn we are at. They wanted to take us out on the trails around their place. Yesterday Cheyenne was a real handful and it wasn't a very enjoyable ride for the DH. Haven't really made up our minds yet about this afternoon.

I am so close to finishing yet another bag. This one is bright pink and grey. I am not certain what fabric will go inside. I need to go into my stash and dig a little for this one. No name pops out at me right now. After this one is done I will be starting on a Bengals bag. I got one shipment in of the Bengals fabric. It's really nice and I should be able to get at least four bags out of the amount I got. I doubt I will get more than 2 made for the Oct show. Although I have streamlined the process by knowing the exact number of stitches it takes and every time I do one it seems to be quicker and quicker. The only thing is though that once it becomes less of a fun thing and more of a chore - the less I will want to make them. It's all about creativity. Cranking them out isn't the fun part. I need to post some pics of the latest bags. I'll try and do that this weekend.

Well I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. I hope you guys come back with some posts to share!

SONG OF THE DAY: "Sea Breeze" by Tyrone Wells

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