Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September 8th and SOA is back

Season 2 of "Sons of Anarchy" starts tonight at 10pm PST. I can't wait to see what happens this season. I loved the show last year. The previews look exciting, shocking and hot. =)

Today was a really relaxing, kickback kind of day. The DH and I took the truck in for an oil change, then went to breakfast at Annie's. Then we went to the grocery, although neither of us really felt like shopping and didn't want to just load up the cart with food, so we grabbed some essentials (no, not beer) and made burgers and tots for dinner. We'll figure out the rest of the week later.

Tomorrow night is Ladies Night at Quaid in Temecula, so I'll be hitting that. They always have good chow and lots of prizes. Not really into the whole "ladies" thing but it's an excuse to talk bike and maybe learn something new.

Tomorrow our new coworker starts. G and I are curious about her. We are all going to lunch together with T. I hope she fits in. I'll let you know.

Talking about asking for the Havasu house the weekend before Christmas. It would be me and the DH, our oldest, his gf and our grandson. J and her beau. Could be fun. We just want a no stress, relaxing Christmas. Thinking this might be a good way to get it.

The Soldier will be home Oct 17th. Anxious to see him and spend some time with him before he ships to Afghanistan. Hopefully he will have internet and can keep in touch with us. We are already planning on boxes to send him with 'stuff'.

Today I went on a great ride. Did the De Luz road ride. It was fun and I noticed some of the turns that gave me trouble last time were a lot easier this time. Guess I'm getting a little better.

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Poker Face" by Daughtry

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