Monday, March 2, 2009

I've had just about enough

I am so sick of hearing about the economy. I am so sick of hearing about Octo-Mom. I am so sick of hearing about Bernie Madolf. Can't there be anything else to talk about? Me, for instance! LOL

I had another great ride this afternoon. They just keep getting better. I actually had to test my braking skills twice today. Some moron in front of me for some unknown reason decided they would stop. Apparently they were lost. Anyway, I remembered all of my training and applied both the foot and hand brake and didn't lock either up or lose any of my tires. LOL This was the PERFECT bike choice for me. I am starting to feel so comfortable with it. =)

I also started back to the gym today. I am starting slow. I walked for 2 miles and did two sets of biceps and shoulders. It was a good start and ya gotta start somewhere, right?

I am currently working on 3 blankets. One is just one of my surprise scraps. Always fun and I love it when I finish one. Another is one I started just because I like the colors... Maroon, Gray, Muave and Pink. No idea who might like it, but it's a nice size and a very soft, comfy throw. The third is my special project. The cafe we frequent has a regular there named Robert. He rides his bike in, pulling a large cage to keep all of his "stuff" in. Robert comes in and sits at the bar, orders the same thing, brings in his backpack, pulls out two or three paperback books and stacks them up and then sits with his phone open as if he is waiting for a text or a call. Nice enough guy. Story has it he was the victim of an accident and got a major settlement. Of course, it left him, well, like this and every now and then he has a seizure. So I'm making a blanket for Robert. =)

I am joining the Harley Owners Group (HOG). Specifically LOH (Ladies of Harley). Inside that is yet another women's club called Harley's Angels. They do charity work for breast cancer. They ride out of Temecula and meet monthly. They also have bunko nights, poker runs, etc. My first ride is later this month to Borrego Springs. Supposed to be a beautiful ride.

How is everyone doing?????? You all seem to be quiet lately. Miss you guys!!!

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Sweet Child of Mine" by G&R. I went through a phase when I loved Axel Rose. I think this is such a cool song and I can't help but crank it up when I hear it.


imaaudioslave said...

thats good that you stopped the way you are a pro...just join a group now and your set! You already have the "red" nickname so there you go.

shannamichele said...

How awesome that you ride! I myself am not a motorcycle rider but Harley seems like a community unto itself. I just moved from York where the Harley factory is (although rumors they are shutting it down) and we had Harleys everywhere. Bike Week was cool because you'd see the greatest bikes and there'd be people from all over the country there :)

Wrider II said...

Audio & Shannamichele: Yes, the Harley community is definitely a whole way of life! So far I have just been having a blast riding all over by myself, getting to know my bike. I did join "HOG" today, which really opens up a lot of doors to all sorts of chapters/clubs.