Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not sure what to expect...

Tonight is my first official LOH (Ladies of Harley) meeting. I'm not sure what to expect, but I'm going prepared and open minded. I mean, do we take down a load of guns first or do we have dinner first? Do I have to drink shots of Tequila out of another biker's glass she is holding between her boobs? Will I be shuffled off to a back room where the "boss" gives me the once over and then tells me I have to do the "deed" in order to prove myself worthy of belonging? LOL

Actually, we all get together for dinner and then we play a game - like Bunco or Left, Right, Center. I just thought it would be funny to write that stuff since everyone has this impression about biker's. ;-) None of it's true, of course.

Today was a weird day. After a good night's sleep (finally) I woke up and was online for a bit not doing much at all. Then the DH says he is taking me to breakfast at our cafe. So we have a nice breakfast. We both had their special Egg, Cheese, Bacon Croissant sandwich and shared a plate of homefries. It was awesome. On the way home we stopped at the feed store for hay and then went home.

Turning on the news (FOX - fair and balanced) we learned the latest regarding the AIG bonuses issued to some execs and how Congress was going to vote on taxing their bonuses 90%. We also learned that other companies that received bailout money owe back taxes. Now I don't know about you guys, but I am starting to get pretty irritated over the government just running amuck. It's not just Democrats. It's not just Republicans. They all think they can just manipulate the American people and I've really had it. But the more you sit and listen the more you realize how powerless we seem to be against them.

This is the way I see it...

1. AIG Execs rate their bonuses. Congress had the audacity to pass the bailout without reading or putting in clauses for such things. Why should the Execs have to pay 90% tax on something that was written into their contracts and otherwise 'OVERLOOKED' by Congress? Congress gives them the money and is now pissed at how they are spending it? Maybe Congress should have done their homework. This POS is the worst of the worst. He knew about the problems years ago and simply brushed it off.
2. Why did the government put into circulation $1 TRILLION dollars???? Why? This just lowered the value of the dollar that much more. Bad, bad mistake. It has never worked in the past and it's doubtful it will work this time. If I had cash I would invest in gold. It went up $70 dollars today. What does that tell you?

3. Is it just me or is President Obama seemingly uneffected by all the crap going on?? He goes on Leno. He hops about the country talking about crap that really is ridiculous considering the economic crisis we are in. No, it's not Bush's fault and it's not something he inherited. This is all him now and his cabinet and he seems oblivious and nonchalant. Is he the distraction? And what about his bright idea to revamp the Veteran's medical benefits to cut costs??? Has this man got a clue?? Surely to God he can't be serious?? Ah, but wait - he does make friends with some doozies... Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright. What does that tell ya??

4. I'm thinking the Secretary of the Treasury needs to resign. Plain and simple.

5. I can't believe (well, actually yes I can) that Congress is ACTING sooooo upset over a measely $165 million that went to AIG in the first place. It's like they all want face time for their constituents to see them angry and they act like this is what the American people want. Wrong. Americans want a fair and honest government. They want the government to STOP spending to much friggin money on crap. I truly believe they knew this fall out was going to happen. All they did was say, "Oh, we'll just let the people yell and scream for a bit. We'll go on TV and show them how upset we are and soon something else will come along to distract them and all of this will be forgotten. We'll all get to keep our cushy jobs and cushy paychecks and bonuses and pensions."


OK, off my soap box for now...

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SONG OF THE BLOG: "Last Dance With MaryJane" by Tom Petty. Hot, hot, hot.

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birdman said...

took the words right out of my mouth!!! I dont them getting bonuses for failing but like you aid - these asshats did not read hte bill - and that 90% tax congress passed will be found illegal and overturend - you watch - you cant just do that cause they want to. I am not sure what to think about Obama - but he has made some real bad moves - i am not happy whith most of what he has done so far. Funny how all the bush bashers have no problem with him hiring a guy who cannot use turbo tax to run our treasury - if it was bush - it would be "what an idiot" he is etc etc. In this case Obama is the idiot.

We are F'ed for a while - and yes not repub or dem - it is jackass polticians - these people have no clue so amazing.