Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tyrone Wells!

Not sure if you guys know, but this weekend was when I was driving up to Mama's to see Tyrone with her on Saturday night in Hermosa Beach. I got an added treat because her sister had to cancel going with Mama on Friday night to see him, soooo I got to see him twice! Woohoo! Friday he was at the Glasshouse. Saturday he was at the St. Rocke in Hermosa Beach. Two awesome venues and as usual, he was really great!!!! It's awesome cuz now I can totally sing to all of his songs! Guess I have officially gained the title of Tyrone Groupie! LOL But that's OK. I'm totally cool with it! =) I know my pic is a bit out of focus (damn camera phone), but have no doubt he was HOT!!!

Saturday morning I had a ride with the Harley's Angels. We went out to Borrego Springs and had lunch at the Hog Trough. Great ride. The scenery is absolutely incredible. It was only about 140 miles round trip but felt longer because of the winding roads. No joke - there was easily 200 bikers on the road.

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Need" by Tyrone Wells. Gotta be my fave!

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birdman said...

so she dragged you into her world I See - FIGHT WRIDER!! FIGHT!! wiht every last breath you have - just say NO to Tyrone!!!

nice to see you putting in the miles on the hog