Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday Rantings

I realize yesterday I was sort of on a roll, but I'm sorry - I simply must continue it on to today. I guess there are just too many things bugging me right now or I need to get a life. LOL

1. I'm sick of Oprah. I never thought I'd say that, but I truly am. I saw her magazine cover where for the first time she is sharing the cover photo with another person. Big whoop-de-do. I give a crap. Not only that, but she looks awful right now. So there!

2. Everyone knows that if you want things to change, you have to do things differently in order to produce a different outcome. Why oh why are people so afraid to do this??

3. Nancy Pelosi needs to be stopped. Did anyone catch that video of her hand-in-hand with the Mexicans talking about how holding up the laws of this nation against illegal immigration needs to stop??? Uhm, what? Two of our good friends are immigrants. They do everything by the book. They have from day one when they decided to come to this country. And on that note...

4. What's up with Mexicans saying that California is really theirs? And we should check our history books? Uhm, OK - been there and done that. If memory serves me correctly, there was a WAR in which the Mexicans LOST. Are we supposed to forget that little tidbit? Are they so stupid and desperate to assume that they have a right to be in this country in spite of how the WAR turned out? For some reason I don't think they would feel the same had the tables been turned and they had actually won. Maybe I'm wrong.

OK - I feel somewhat better now. Moving on...

Last night's meeting of the Temecula LOH went well. It was hosted by a very nice woman I had never met before. She prepared a wonderful tossed salad, chicken with pasta (cold) and rolls. For dessert we had a luscious key lime cheesecake and a strawberry/blueberry cheese pie. Very yummy in deed. For the most part it was just a social gathering. We did have a meeting in which we discussed the Poker Run, the next several meetings and where they were, our charity and what sort of things we could do to help them. The only thing I found rather interesting is that we are going to host a Topless BBQ. More to follow.

Is anyone reading a fan of Ann Colter? I am. Just curious...

OK, here is today's new site to check out: Take It Or Leave It

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Breakdown" by Daughtry

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birdman said...

we aer on the same page again - but we knew that about each other... it is tough knowign you are right in this crazy world aint it.

I have never liked Oprah or hte cult of Oprah and gotta love how she only endorsed a pres candidate cause he was black - we all know that was true - so much for all the shit I hear she preaches on her show -

I am OK withe Ann Coulter but she to me takes out solid discussion about politics - she can makes good points but can then get off the rails critical etc.. just what I dont like about the liberal guys also...

Is it just me or has Obama become a TV star/personality and not a president... I am starting ot not view him as one -