Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Get your motor runnin...

...head out on the highway. Lookin for adventure. Or whatever comes my way.

Oh, sorry...still lost in the moment. A Harley moment that is. =) Yesterday and today I took two very cool rides. Let me share!

Yesterday around noon I took off, topped off and headed to Palomar Observatory. It's been a really long time since I have been up there, but it was so worth the drive. I headed south on the 15, exited at Mission Rd, headed south on the 395, and then went east on the 79. Past the Pala Casino. Past the Pauma Casino. Straight to the top of Mt. Palomar. Luckily I was wearing my vintage leather jacket cause it got chilly at 5000 ft! The views were amazing. I didn't take any pics - my phone camera sucks in ref to taking pics. I walked to the observatory, went inside and checked out the displays and the telescope, took a bathroom break and then headed back down the mountain. I am absolutely going to do that ride again.

Today I started out around 1. I headed south on Jefferson and went west on Rancho California Rd. It turns into De Luz, which winds and dips through the back side of Fallbrook. It is really amazing country back in there. When it's rainy, it's not so good as there are probably 6 or 7 spots where the water crosses the road. There were 3 spots with a trickle across the roadway. It's probably a good 35 mile ride and it brings you out in downtown Fallbrook right on Mission Rd.

I took the advice of a fellow biker and popped in my earphones and IPod for both rides. What a difference music makes on a bike! Wow! I mean you guys know how much I LOVE my music. Well, listening to my favorite playlist while cruising on my bike was pretty close to heaven. I am absolutely LOVING this Harley. I can't tell you how great it feels to ride. It's very empowering. You feel very strong and confident when you ride - at least I do. I am learning to negotiate just about anything I might come across and my bike is perfect for me. I just love it. Still need to find some cool saddlebags...

Robert's blanket is almost 100%. In fact, tonight it will be finished. =) I promise a pic tomorrow.

The maroon and pink one is on hold for now.

The Chargers' blanket is next after Robert's is finished. I'm dreading picking it back up because, well, it's the Chargers and I don't like them. LOL


birdman said...

that sounds like a blast!!! So cool you have found something you like as much as I like riding my bike. Everyone needs something like that!

By the way, in the Tour of California, the riders had to climb that hill up to the observatory

Wrider II said...

Climb to the observatory on a bike??? Are you friggin kiddin me? I'll stick to MY scoot Thanks!