Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It doesn't get much more Irish than U2. Yummy. If you've not given their new CD a listen, I recommend it. To me it sounds like the good old U2 - not Joshua Tree good, but close. I downloaded it to my IPod and have listened to it about 3x. I'm still not 100% on all the songs and I really would like to read the lyrics to find out what the heck Bono is talking about in some of the songs, but it's not too shabby.
Today was an interesting day... It started off with a wonderful morning ride on the Harley for breakfast at Annie's. As I'm getting on the bike and heading out to go ride my horse, who rides up on his Dyna but Vic. Vic hadn't seen my bike yet, so he checked it out and gave me his seal of approval. Whew! Past the Bob test. Past the Walt test. Past the Brian test. Past the Vic test. Thank you my Brothers!
So I get to the barn, ride my pony for a bit and then turn the horses out to graze for the day. I mucked all three pens really well, put down fresh shavings, emptied water buckets, put out dinner and breakfast. Felt good to work and take care of the horses.
Hop on my bike and ride to the HD dealer for a quart of oil. Get that and head on home. At home the DH and I move my desk and computer out of the downstairs bedroom and up to our master bedroom. It will not fit in my craft room. No way. I have an old solid wood military desk that measures 3 ft by 5 ft. It also has a solid roll top piece that is 24 inches wide and about 3.5 ft long. So now my computer is in the master bedroom. It actually works out great! But that desk was a MF gettin up those damn stairs.
Afterwards we helped the guy down the street move our Cherokee to his garage. Yep, the Cherokee is dead and we sold it to a guy down the street who is going to try and get it running. That is bitter sweet - I loved that Cherokee. It was new in 1999 and went to both the oldest and youngest sons. We all had a good run with it.
Then I hopped back on my bike to go bring the horses in. I get that all taken care and head on back home. About 1/3 of the way home my bike starts sputtering. At a stop sign it dies. I start it back up and head down the road only to have it die on me again. Now I know what you're thinking - she's out of gas. I was not. I knew I was not. I sit for a few minutes and let the gas tank air out in case I had a vapor lock. A guy pulls over riding a Honda. He's an older man wearing a Black Sheep MC vest. (The Black Sheep are a Christian biker club). He takes a look at my bike and we talk for a few. He asks me to start back up and it seems to be running. He agrees to follow me all the way home. We get no more than 100 yards down the road and it dies again. He gets on the phone and calls his brother who lives just down the road. I call my DH and tell him what is going on. I tell him he doesn't need to come get me just yet because the brother is a good bike mechanic and also has a trailer in case we have to haul it. So the brother arrives and asks me to try and start it. It sputters and dies. He walks from the right side over to the left side and bends down to where my choke is. He looks up and asks me if there is a reason I am running on my reserve tank? I'm like, "Reserve tank? I didn't even know I had one." Apparently there is a switch (no one ever told me about) that lets me run off the main fuel tank or the reserve. Mine was set to run off the reserve. And it was empty! So he switched it back to the regular tank and my baby started up like a dream! He smiled and said that someone probably played a newbie joke on me! I was just THRILLED it wasn't something more serious! I called the hubby (who was also very relieved), thanked the brothers over and over for their hospitality and drove straight to the gas station and made sure both tanks were FULL. LOL
SONG OF THE BLOG: "Magnificent" by U2. Off their new CD. I like it!

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Debbie said...

I'm glad it was an easy fix.
And I know the frustration when you cannot change the way your post is looking:)