Sunday, March 8, 2009

First Chapter Ride

Today was a great day. I attended my very first Temecula Chapter meeting for HOG and went on my first Chapter ride. We were 35 strong, broken into 3 groups. It was a blast. We went from the 79 onto the 15 north to Baxter where we picked up Grande and then headed up the Ortega. We had lunch at El Adobe in San Juan Capistrano and then on the way home we no longer ride together, but I rode back with 4 others. We came down the 5 and then across the 76 and then north on the 15. All in all I think my day was about 125 miles. I got my first mileage pin from the chapter. It was a lot of fun. I met some really cool people and I am looking forward to the next ride!

Not much work on the projects this weekend.. Working with the DH tomorrow on a job and then the rest of the week looks open for horses, bikes and crochet - not necessarily in that order.

Crafter's site to check out: My Charmed Life

Bringing back a repeat for the SONG OF THE BLOG: "Busy Being Fabulous" by The Eagles.


the mama said...

glad you had a great day....

birdman said...

so where do you guys get the dope from?? are you going to store it in your frame like Easy Rider???

Seems like you found a group and passion that you really like - so cool. not gonna get you all fit like my bike riding but hey -....we all cant be in great shape like me right... hahhahaha

I will have to check out the tune - not a big eagles fan but one never knows