Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gone like a freight train

February, that is... Wow, did it fly by or what? Not only that but today I actually brought my fan out in my craft room because I was so hot. Please don't let winter be over. We need MORE rain. We are seriously going to be rationed if we don't get some more rain. Anyone know any good rain dances?

Vegas with the DH was AWESOME! The first day I actually got buzzed on vodka & cranberry juice. =) The DH got a streak of good luck and we came home with some cash in our pockets. Woohoo!

Took an awesome ride on the bike today. Went to one of the local dealers looking for a mask - something like this....

I think these are pretty cool. Whenever I see a fellow brother riding along with one of these on it makes me smile. However, I'm having a helluva time finding something different - something a little more feminine and not so common.

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Crazy Train" by Ozzie


the mama said...

i am seriously gonna put YOU on the crazy train if i see you wearing something like that!! :-)

birdman said...

hahaha - you can only wear that if the RED MANE flows free!!!

I don't even know you anymore!! hahahahha

I think this is a song we can all agree on - kick ass riff!!!! RR kills it!!!