Friday, May 2, 2008

I found it!

Euphoria that is. Last night while out walking I actually tossed in a little jogging. I would pick a point up ahead of me (not very far) and then I would jog to it. About 2/3's of the way into my walk/jog I got that old feeling back I had in 1997 - EUPHORIA. It happened when the second wind came and the adrenaline was pumping. It was awesome. I felt like I could walk for miles! I think I have made a big breakthrough and I'm happy to know that both AvMan (glad to have you back btw) and Mama are also walkers!

Friday! Woohoo! Have I got an exciting night planned! First off we are actually going to Happy Hour. One of the BA's birthday is today so we are heading out to BJ's at 4. I'm actually stoked about it. It seems far too long that I've socialized. After the HH I am supposed to head over to the yarn store for the once a month knitters/crocheters club. Not sure if I will make it. That lasts from 5-9. Not only that but I'm not sure I want to crochet on my blanket after having a few drinks. ;-)

I have made the decision about my tattoo - right ankle. I think I'm going to do a band around the ankle in a barbwire style and then have something dangling from it - as if it's a real live ankle bracelet. I was also thinking I could add "charms" to it if I ever felt the urge. Thoughts? Does everyone get the barbwire idea or do I need to rethink that.. I think my first charm will be DAUGHTRY. Just kidding, I think it will either be a grizzly bear, the MC Emblem or a horse shoe... I'm pretty excited about this!

I have started to document everything about my job. This is quite an undertaking as you all know. Not because of my job, but everyone knows when you start to actually record step by step what and how and why you do something, it can get so complex. It's just what I need right now.. Something to fill my work day completely from start to finish.

Metzvah is kicking @ss again... Alas, I have fallen behind AND I haven't come across anything worth sharing lately. That depresses me because as much as I enjoy reading his newsletters I am finding them tedious and not worth the effort.

Inbox : 31 / Read: 22

Mama is the HERO this week for introducing me to Clear Channel's HD radio. You gotta check this out. Yesterday I spent the afternoon listening to what they called STRIPPED Raw and Real. It's artists playing their songs acoustically. You could either watch the video or just listen to the audio. Phenomenal sound! This morning I tuned into a New Alternative station out of Atlanta and the first song they played was Rockstar by Nickelback. LOVE THAT SONG. Who doesn't want a bathroom they could play baseball in and have a drug dealer on speed dial?????? Kudos to you Mama! www.clearchannel/hdradio

CLEARCHANNEL SONG OF THE BLOG: "Rockstar" by Nickelback!


Eamon said...

nice blog!

birdman said...

i loved when I hit that point riding - make you feel strong.

I will check out the stations

I feel another HH coming on - been a looong time

the mama said...


glad you hear that you are finding some peace in all the craziness going on.

i liked the new alternative station, listened to it most of the day at work.

The Hero said...

Who or what is Metzvah? Lefsetz? laughs

Wrider II said...

Hero - Yes, the Lefsetz newsletter. LOL

The Hero said...

Lefsetz's letter dated 5/7/08 about Madonna and GTA IV is AWESOME.