Friday, May 23, 2008

Shiftwork - tough work...

The oldest son drove over from Phoenix yesterday. While the youngest was having a session with the tutor he and I went to Chili's for dinner. He likes Guinness, so we each had a cold one with dinner. Great conversation and it was awesome to just hang out with him. He has gotten over his divorce and ex. He seems really good right now. He met someone last week he really likes and I wish him the best with her. The only bad part about the whole night was the service. Our waitress sucked. That can ruin an otherwise great night out but I just let it go when I left her a lousy tip.

My thoughts are at the beach today. Sitting in an outside bar, sipping something cold and exotic that tingles my tastebuds, while listening to the waves. Sort of like a Kenny Chesney song.. Toes in the sand and not a care in the world. Well, at least it appears that I have not a care in the world. LOL That is not quite an accurate statement. I'm just trying to make sense of it all. I know I'll probably do what I think I should do. It's not completely thought through yet but unless something drastic changes I really have no choice. Life is funny and I know things happen for a reason. I'm just anxious to know the reason behind this one.

Freaky weather, huh? Yesterday I'm sitting in my cube with my headphones in and someone stops by my cube. I take out the right ear to hear them ask me, "Have you seen the hail?" I jumped out of my chair and joined everyone at the large windows. Sure enough, we had hail coming down about the size of a pea. It looked like it was snowing or sleeting. It was bizarre. That lasted on and off for about an hour. The water was rushing and my thoughts went to the horses. I packed up my gear and headed home. As you can imagine, there was flooding everywhere. Traffic was slow as people tried to manuever their way around the overwhelmed street drains. I finally got home and while changing into barn clothes I turned on the Weather Channel to see warnings for our area for flash floods. As it turns out the horses were in great shape, with no water or mud in their pens whatsoever. I cleaned up a bit in case more rain was to come and then headed back home.

It was 3:00 when I got home, so I could log off from work and decided to take a nap. That felt amazing. The two sons went to the mall and when I woke up around 6:00 I headed back to the ranch to feed. This time the weather news was very different - a tornado watch for Lake Elsinore. A chopper had spotted a funnel cloud just over the 15. Lovely. Just where I was headed. But being a midwest girl I wasn't about to let that get in the way. I never did see the funnel cloud and it started to pour halfway to the ranch. Again the girls were fine and eager for dinner.

I heard this weather is going to continue today and maybe even a little on Saturday...

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Shiftwork" by Kenny Chesney (with George Strait). Super song. Play on words and just begs for you to kick off your shoes and grab a cold one.

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