Thursday, May 22, 2008

This is your life

Sometimes I have a difficult time living for the here and now. I think we all get stuck in that place where you keep saving for a rainy day or not using the good China every day. I love the thought of that – using the good China for hotdogs or pizza. I’m going to make an effort to really start enjoying what each day brings me and not worry so much about what can’t happen because of the situation – be it limited resources of money and time or just not being able to take that next step.

I learned something about myself – no wait. I take that back. I finally ADMITTED something about myself last night that I knew – I was just keeping it buried. I’m not afraid of it now. No, I’m not going to tell you what “it” is) In fact, I am going to just go with it. Is it scary? Damn straight it is. Thrilling? Hell yeah! I’m almost 45 years old. If not now, then when? It won’t do me much good if I come to realize it too late in life.

Let’s each do a bucket list! Me first! And we can add to it or take away from it anytime we want.

Wrider’s Bucket List

1. Own a Harley. Bikers rock.
2. Consume only alcohol for 48 hours.
3. Get a tattoo.
4. Rope a calf.
5. Write a book.
6. TBD

IPOD SONG OF THE BLOG: “Your Life is Now” by John Mellencamp. How friggin appropriate.

PHOTO OF THE BLOG: Hot, hot, HOT. Sizzling HOT.

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