Thursday, May 15, 2008

Jefferson Snowmobile podcasts

Just finished listening to the last podcast this morning. I think they are pretty entertaining myself. Paul was a nice guest on the show. I think it was cool because I could picture in my head both Hero and Paul talking, and that brought it home for me. It was completely random and I actually laughed out loud during some points. I did take offense to both John and Ryan making the statement they do not like Redheads. WTF? Obviously they haven't been with the RIGHT Redhead. ;-)

The kitchen tile is about 75% down at this time. We decided yesterday to make the back splash about an inch higher than it was prior. So today the guys will finish installing the tile, apoxying the trim pieces in place and putting the sink in. Tomorrow they are back to grout and then it's done! I must say it looks awesome. I absolutely love it. I will definitely take pics with a dig camera when it's all done to share with you. I'm excited about cleaning the kitchen all up and then putting out the accessories and appliances.

I forgot to mention this the first time it happened, but you might recall what the DH and I did for my bro - sent him off the package of doggie stuff - well, he has since called me twice just to say hello. What a treat! That has never happened in the entire existence of our relationship. The DH thinks I bridge a gap that was between us and it doesn't hurt that he has a special phone system that he pays one price and he can call anywhere in the US. He is looking forward to us moving back there.

IPOD SONG OF THE BLOG: "What I Want" by Daughtry



birdman said...

you tell them RED!!! hahhahaha

they can be fun to listen to

someday my kitchen - someday..

I have never had an issue with my bro and sisters and they are very close - I dont know what I would do if they were not there - good for you

More Daughtry... really..... enough

Wrider II said...

There can never be enough Daughtry. I admit, I am obsessed. What can I say? Bald does it for me!