Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Your definition of "bad"

I don't know why, but this evening I have been thinking about different people's perception of things and what some people consider bad. I have always considered myself a pretty conservative person, but there are times I mentally cross the line I have drawn in the sand for myself. So what is your definition of "bad"? Here are some random questions for you to consider and answer if you choose to...

1. Cheating on your taxes.

2. Getting away with not paying for a 12-pak of Pepsi because the clerk didn't see it on the bottom of your cart.

3. Taking nude pics of yourself on your cell phone.

4. Telling someone you love them just so they will have sex with you.

5. Telling a white lie to your child so they will leave you alone for one hour.

6. Not answering the door when a kid is trying to sell you candy.

7. Turning your back and acting like you didn't see an elderly person fall down because you are already running late.

8. Looking at porn.

9. Smoking pot.

10. Asking your friends stupid questions.

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Free Fallin" by Tom Petty


the mama said...

OK 10 is just wrong!!! LOL

i have walked out of target with stuff they forget scan on several occasions, i always tell white lies to my kids, i have watched porn... need i go on??

i guess we are all "bad" at times... makes us more interesting.

birdman said...

nice lets see

1. bad but I have a moeny bad karma thing so I dont cheat on the cash... to risky
2. bad - I would go back an pay
3. send me your pics - I will then decide if it is bad
4. i have no experience with that... seriously...
5. best lie in the world... besides they lie to you all the time so your even
6. not bad - not bad at all
7. that is go to hell bad....
8. shouuld not even be on a list of bad things....
9. should be legal.... not bad at all
10. if you can't ask a friend a stupid question who can ya ask...