Thursday, February 5, 2009

Born to be Wild!

Woohoo! Today the DH and I drove up to Skip Fordyce HD and I bought my helmet! I wanted a full face model and I got a nice one!!! It has the chin release, so you can pop that baby up rather than having to take off your helmet. It cost quite a bit but if it helps save my brain housing group, I suppose it's worth it! Now I am really ready for Sunday!!!


My Dear Darling said...

Sweet! I love the peace sign. Hehe.

the mama said...

you are a crazy lady!!

that helmet better protect that beautiful face of yours!!

imaaudioslave said...

Next thing you know you will be riding with Ponch

birdman said...


A helmet is not where you want to be cheap - saved my brain many time out in the desert!!!

Gotta love that picture!!