Monday, February 16, 2009

Even Bikers Get the Blues

Every time I think I have bits and pieces of life figured out, something comes along that reminds me how little and irrelevant I really am. LOL You know that saying, "You wanna see God laugh, tell him YOUR plans." Yeah, that's so true.

Yesterday however, was a good day. I rented a Harley and spent 5 hours cruising around on 2009 Softail Deluxe. Check it out!

That's right - I was born to be wild!


the mama said...

look at you and your bad self!

birdman said...

that is sooooo cool!!!! good for you - you are such a bad ass now!!!

imaaudioslave said...

That looks really cool!

You need a tattoo that says "Quilting's American Bad Ass"

i still want my damn blanket

AvMan said...

born to be wild!

I'll sing it to you next time.

the mama said...

audio-- you know that she crochets right??? she is not a quilter. that is mrs birdman.