Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh sure! So this is how he will pay for everything!

Time to get on the soapbox. Sorry... This is just too important not to sqwak about. Seems Obama is going to help fund his new grand ideas by taking away from the military retired benefits. He wants to cut our medical care thereby 'saving' 22% which will go towards his budget plans. In addition, he wants to cut the military budget for next year down by 11%. I'm outraged. This will effect EVERYONE - not just military personnel - and for what? So the new President can put big government into the works? Typical Democratic strategy.

OK, done.

We got a ton of rain. Thank God. Although when we do get it, we get way too much of it. Why can't it be spread out over three months rather than 3 days? Well, I suppose if it did we wouldn't be in SoCal, right? Regardless I have thoroughly enjoyed the weather. Nothing nicer than sitting in my craft room with the window open listening to the falling rain. So relaxing!

Want to hear something completely random? Yesterday I get a text message from an unknown number. It just said "HI" so I thought maybe it was someone's number I know but just didn't recognize. I said "HI" back and immediately got another response apologizing for sending that text by accident. As it turns out this young man is new to the area and got numbers mixed up. Long story short, he is a 22 year old Med student from Spain. We started chatting about stuff and when he found out we have a 22 year old daughter, the conversation turned. He and our daughter exchanged some texts and ended up striking up a text message friendship. He works with special needs kids, too - just like she does. How's that for random?

The DH and I are heading to the swap meet today in LE. Looking forward to it and hoping to find some neat stuff!

On a craft note - I finished another set of cloths and posted them yesterday on Etsy. I am finally tapping into my stash of wonderful cotton yarns and playing with colors. I feel like being a bit brave and maybe combining colors that aren't so safe, if you catch my drift. I am still working on 3 blankets and 1 purse. They are all coming along nicely, albeit slowly. Here is the next Etsy shop to check out from the California Team... Lori Delisle. Check out her blog and shop! And don't forget to keep checking out the other shops under "Cool Peeps". Thanks!!!

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Feels Like the First Time" by Daughtry. Yep, he did a cover of this and man, did he do an amazing job. Of course, I am a bit biased. LOL

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the mama said...

done with the rain... i am ready for the sun to come back out and to wear my flip-flops again.

funny about the random text... he already sounds way better than that other guy she was dating.

AWESOME SONG!!! i love me some daughtry!!!!!!