Monday, February 9, 2009

And it's still coming down

I woke up early this morning to the sound of the rain pouring down. I laid in bed for awhile and when I realized I wouldn't be falling back to sleep decided to get up. I made a pot of coffee (all ten cups) and put on a crock pot of chili for later. Yum! Thought I'd get a blog post off early this morning!

And the rain seems to be the big topic! We need it so badly and I love it so I am not complaining, however I know some of you don't like driving in it and then there are those drastic cases out there of mudslides and such. So I am praying for moderation. Hey, it cut into my bike rental time so I'm hurt too by this rain. And if that's not bad enough guess what next Sunday looks like?? Yep, rain. Ah... Something or someone doesn't want me renting a bike on a Sunday. Foiled again! But not for long and not forever!

I finished another set of dishcloths/washcloths last night. Love this particular set as it's in earthy tones (brown, beige, cream, white...). Haven't had a sale in awhile. Was hoping to spur some interest or enthusiasm with some new cloths, but so far no luck. I am still working on the 3 blankets. It's a slow steady process for me. I like the methodical work. Keeps me grounded. With luck I will finish up the girls yellow purse today and get it posted on Etsy. Maybe I'll have better luck in that direction?

Here is the next craft blog: The Sister's Studio

And it appears as if life is coming full circle! Sooner than I expected, but I'm not going to complain! You might recall how the DH's ex suddenly became best friends with his parents. Well, recently they sent her an email saying how they are so happy she turned her life around and is on the right track. She didn't like this - asking our daughter what was so wrong with me and the way I lived my life before?? LOLOLOLOLOL Maybe now she is getting it?????

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Addicted" by Saving Abel. Awesome song. Love it!!!!!!


AvMan said...

Personally, i was loving the rain the first few days, but now, it's just annoying me. I understand we need it, but seriously, we live in SoCal.

the mama said...



Wrider II said...

You're all just a bunch of wussies.

AvMan said...

Why I gotta be a wussie?