Sunday, September 14, 2008

It wasn't in Augustana that I was Counting Crowes under a Maroon 5 sky

So Thursday my daughter texts me and asks if I like Maroon 5 and after I replied I did she asked me what I was doing Friday night. She scored two free tix from her bio mom and asked me to go. Sweet! Augustana was the opening act (double score) and then Counting Crowes played right after followed by Maroon 5. If you haven't heard Augustana, you should give them a listen, especially their song called "Boston". They were awesome. They played about six songs. Counting Crowes wasn't so awesome. Well, let me rephrase that... I suppose if you are a serious CC's fan you would have thought they were awesome. I must not be a serious fan because most of the time while they were playing I found myself looking around at the others in the audience for someone to translate and/or interpret. They did their hits, turning a 4 minute song into a 10 minute song. The lead singer with the wild hair was just "out there". I'm sure he is a great artist and talented if you get into his kind of ad-hoc singing. The best example I can give you is the rest of his band sort of went silent and he sat down at the piano and said, "I'm not going to do a lot of talking tonight - just playing a bunch of songs. (much applause and whistling and yelling from the crowd). This next song is about me...alone in my room...on a dark the bottom of a canyon..." After that song I really couldn't tell you much else about what they played. It was just so bizarre. They were passing out free sticks of "5" gum - it was a new citrus flavor. We were kind of hoping you chewed it to be able to understand what the heck he was saying... No such luck!

Maroon 5 on the other hand was freakin' awesome. How I have let them slip by me is beyond comprehension. I can hear Birdman saying, "Well if you didn't listen to that shit-kicker music you might have heard them!" They were really good. James Valentine on lead guitar rocked. And Adam Levine - well, what can you say about him other than he is smokin' HOT. Needless to say I will be downloading many MV songs to my Ipod.

I have five items listed on my store. None of which have sold. The DH keeps telling me they have only been up for a week. I guess I am just overly anxious. I am about 95% done with the Raiders blanket and will be starting a Chargers (gag) throw. I am also crocheting scarves as an idea hits me. The most recent scarf to go up for sale is one I call Lone Star.

I have it listed for $28.00 and although it's gotten quite a few "views" no one has bought it up. Do you think the price is too high? Too low? Scarf is not appealing? What do you guys think?

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Won't Go Home Without You" by MV.


the mama said...

i had a similar experience with counting crows like 10 years ago. the teen's dad got me tix to see them and the wallflowers for my b-day... the wallflowers were awesome and 1/2 way through the CC i asked him to go home!!!!

cool scarf - i am biased so i don't think $28 is a lot.

the mama said...

Oh and i love augustana!! i especially like the new single 'sweet and low'...

birdman said...

I do not like the Maroon 5 - CC is OK and have a few really good songs but I know that does not translate to live performance.

First country and now Adult Contemporary??? there is littel hope left for you.. hahahahaha