Sunday, September 7, 2008

4 wheels vs 2

Ah Sunday... The day of the Lord. The day of sleeping in. The day to relax...

The DH and I are going shopping this morning for a washing machine. Ours started leaking last night. Can you say Lowes scratch & dent? We swore we wouldn't buy an awesome matching set again until we move to our final resting place. =)

Have any of you ever heard of Riccar vacuums? Long story short, we used to own a Dirt Devil bagless. That thing worked well for about a month and then things just went downhill. So the DH found this guy in Lake Elsinore (Mike) who is the vacuum king. Small ass little shop jam packed with vacuums and vacuum accessories. This guy knows his vacuums. After putting together the cost of repairing the Dirt Devil agains the price of a much better Riccar, we plopped out the plastic and dove right in. $376 - this thing kicks major BUTT. I can't even describe it. Oh and it is also very cool looking. Check it out!

Yesterday's massage was probably the best I've ever had, minus the ones given by the DH - which he calls "massages" but we all know they benefit him more than me. Anyway, the session was really good and she worked out all the kinks in my neck and upper back. I am considering joining the club. I have 30 days really to decide...

Found a great quote today:

"Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul." Leaning more towards vivid black now...

Birdman: I don't think I'll run drugs. I know more about guns. And yeah, if necessary I'll rough some folks up in a bar fight. Nothing I don't do now when I have to. By chance, did you watch "Sons of Anarchy"?

SONG OF THE BLOG: "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger. This song requires no explanation.

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